A Bottle Of The World’s Most Expensive Vodka Was Stolen


A couple of perps made off with a bottle of the world’s most expensive vodka. The Theft happened at Cafe 33, a bar in Copenhagen, Denmark that houses a ton of different vodkas. The thieves made off with the vodka in the middle of the night and haven’t been caught yet.

The vodka, Russo-Baltique, is savagely expensive and is made of 3 kilograms (6.6. pounds) of gold and the equivalent amount of silver with a diamond-encrusted cap. The bottle itself looks like an old-fashioned car, and is truly one of the most unique liquors in the world. That’s probably why it’s valued at around $1.3 million per bottle.

The crooks stole the bottle and nothing else. It appears they knew exactly what they were after.

The bar’s owner, Brian Ingberg, claims that his business holds around 1,200 bottle of vodka from around the world. So the fact that these robbers made off with the most expensive one doesn’t seem like an accident.

To make matters even worse, Ingberg isn’t even the owner of the bottle. The vodka was on loan from a Russian businessman! It was totally uninsured and now it has been stolen. Some people are finding it hard to be sympathetic to the crime.

Hopefully Ingberg has learned his lesson and the vodka is returned. Otherwise, I’m sure one Russian businessman is going to be pissed.