You Can Eat Giant Flaming Balls of Pizza at This Korean Restaurant

Tina Rivera
(Photo: OBSEV / Instagram)

When it comes to wild and crazy food, South Korea sure knows how to make a statement! The country’s latest creation involves a giant ball of dough being served tableside, but not before its rapidly set on fire before your very eyes. Oh, and did we mention there’s an actual pizza inside?

Better known as “The Bomb,” patrons who dine at a casual Italian restaurant called The Place can watch in awe as their waiter wheels in a big black dome on a cart, highly resembling an inedible rock. Once the doughy sphere is presented, the waiter will pour oil over it, set it ablaze until the oil burns off, and cut it open with scissors. Magically, a flame-baked pizza with melted toppings appears inside.  

The innovative pizza comes available in two different dough colors—pink, which we assume is for the ladies, and black squid ink for everyone else. While some choose to call it “cancer pizza,” others claim it as a hit because “most Koreans, they are not very patient when it comes to food,” a Korean pizza maker told Roads and Kingdoms food journal.

As reported by the Huffington Post, other pizza shops in South Korea offer crusts filled with egg tart custards and mocha-flavored cream cheese. Pizzas made out of potatoes are also popular, and another trend called “spooning pizzas” basically includes a skillet casserole filled with meat and melted cheese

While the giant flaming ball of pizza is currently only available in South Korea, trying to recreate it yourself is not recommended. 


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