You Can Now Order Burger King Through Facebook Messenger

Tina Rivera
(Photo: OBSEV)

With the revelation of a world-class fast food spa catering Whoppers in Finland, it’s only natural that Burger King has come up with a creative way of serving its customers here in the states. Using Facebook Messenger, the burger chain has joined the ranks of other fast food companies utilizing social media by allowing customers to place food orders through the popular messaging app!


Okay, technically you’ll still have to drive to Burger King to pick up your meal, but gone are the days of waiting in line to place an order for your food. Dubbed the “Burger King bot,” the chain’s new concept appears right on your computer or cell phone screen – armed with a menu and ready to take your order.

The above video demos the process of ordering a meal from BK on Facebook Messenger, and we have to say it looks pretty user friendly. After you say “hello”, the bot welcomes you with a nice greeting and asks if you’d like to place an order. A scrolling menu pops up in your messenger bubble and you can begin ordering to your heart’s content, and pick up from your nearest BK location.

The Burger King Facebook Messenger Bot has yet to be released, however, a launch date should be arriving soon. Just last year, Domino’s swept the food-ordering scene by allowing customers to order whole pizza by simply tweeting a pizza emoji. While we’re not sure how much time Burger King’s new messenger concept will actually save, it’s definitely a step in the right direction.