You Can Win Free Pizza Hut For Life If You Like Dominos Enough

Matthew Loffhagen
Pizza Hut
(Photo: Pizza Hut)

It can’t be a coincidence that Pizza Hut has come up with a domino-themed challenge to help promote their new rewards scheme.

We are literally talking about tiny plastic dominos here, by the way, rather than Domino’s Pizza. It’s hard not to wonder whether Pizza Hut might be shooting themselves in the foot by using a domino video to drum up interest in their own food, but perhaps that’s the point – nobody, the dominos claim, does pizza like Pizza Hut, even when the Hut is borrowing from its own rival.

Regardless, if you’re interested in getting free pizza for life, all you need to do is pay a lot of attention to dominos. In celebration of the release of their new rewards program, Pizza Hut is giving away 312,0000 reward points to one lucky contest entrant, which is enough to order one free pizza every two weeks for the next sixty years.

You might not consider sixty years’ worth of pizza to be a lifetime supply, but do bear in mind that once you’ve eaten 1,560 pizzas, you’ll probably have shortened your life expectancy significantly, no matter what some Instagram stars may claim.

All a prospective winner needs to do in order to enter Pizza Hut’s contest is to watch their long, very impressive video of dominos toppling over in succession, and then correctly guess how many dominos were involved in the whole thing.

Supposedly this is a record-breaking number, which is why Pizza Hut is so proud of it, so it’s probably a good idea to guess that more than a couple of hundred dominos were involved in this.

If you’re a big enough fan of dominos, though, and you’ve seen enough videos of these things toppling or you’ve toppled them yourself on more than a few occasions) you might well have the upper hand in figuring out just how many tiny plastic pieces went into this enormous creation.

You’ll need to be signed up for the new Hut Rewards scheme, and email your guess to, but you only have until August 31 at midnight to submit your entry.

Looking at this long, drawn-out Pizza Hut video, it’s hard not to want pizza. For some reason, ordering a Domino’s sounds really good right about now.

Here’s hoping that in the future, we’ll get an equivalent contest in which entrants can win free Domino’s pizza by guessing how many huts appear in a video. It’s only fair.