YouTuber Creates a 10-Patty Whopper, Attempts to Eat It in One Sitting


(Photo: YouTube/Furious Pete)

Fun fact: the world’s largest commercially advertised Whopper was sold in Japan to coincide with the release of the Windows 7 operating system, and contained an impressive seven meat patties within a bun, along with the standard tomatoes, pickles, lettuce, onions, and sense of guilt that comes when you buy a delicious juicy Burger King burger.

But as Burger King will gladly allow you to add additional menu items to your burger at will, it’s possible to make a burger that’s even bigger than that, should you feel brave enough.

Competitive eating YouTube star Furious Pete, who has a following of over four million subscribers, recently posted a video of him attempting to eat this mammoth creation.

The video shows him attempting to order this enormous burger, plus the restaurant staff teasing him over eating something so large, and stating that they actually can’t wrap a burger that big with the paper wraps that Burger King uses for its food.

The result is a work of art – an enormous burger that’s too big to even bite all the way through in a single go.

Furious Pete then does his standard thing: eating his way through the entire burger while sat in front of the camera – all while drinking a diet coke, in the vain hope that a sugar free beverage will offset the three thousand calories that are within the burger.

This just goes to show that with enough practice, the human body can consume a truly staggering amount of meat – and that, if you ask nicely enough, Burger King employees really will let you have it your way!