YouTuber Eats 1000 Stale McDonald’s French Fries So You Don’t Have To

Matthew Loffhagen
YouTube/Furious Pete
(Photo: YouTube/Furious Pete)

A few weeks ago, we all heard the exploits of YouTuber Furious Pete, as he bought mountains of fries, in an attempt to uncover the real odds of winning McDonalds’ Monopoly game.

It turns out it’s not all that likely that you’ll win something from a single trip to McDonald’s, but in that case, count yourself grateful – sometimes, having lots of McDonald’s on your plate is worse than not having any at all.

Following the long, laborious process of making his video detailing the odds of winning at McDonald’s Monopoly, Furious Pete was left with an awful lot of fries that needed to be consumed somehow.

Luckily, Pete is himself a competitive eater, having gained his fame on YouTube from munching his way through huge quantities of tasty fast food.

Unfortunately for Pete, as he made his video about McDonald’s Monopoly before trying to tackle the mound of leftover fries, his meal had gotten pretty stale by the time he got round to eating it.

As wondrous as McDonald’s fries are when they’re fresh, there’s absolutely nothing worse than cold, limp, soggy ones. At this point, nobody could be condemned for simply throwing them away in the trash, rather than having to tolerate their squelchy taste.

This, therefore, makes it all the more impressive that Furious Pete didn’t waste a single, slowly working his way through a hundred large portions (minus the fries that were consumed while his first video was being set up, at a point when they were a little fresher).

You have to give Furious Pete props for his dedication to not wasting any food. Competitive eating is never easy, and is generally all about stomaching food long after it stops tasting any good.

Perhaps in that way, this feat wasn’t all that different to any other food challenge, but one thing is certain – better that Furious Pete suffer through this than the rest of us have to try something similar!