YouTuber Orders 100 McDonald’s Fries, Discovers the Real Odds of Winning Monopoly Prizes

Matthew Loffhagen
YouTube/Furious Pete
(Photo: YouTube/Furious Pete)

McDonald’s Monopoly-themed competition is one of the highlights of the restaurant’s year. It’s hard to avoid the appeal of tearing back one of those little stickers on a packet of fries, in the vague hope that you might find Park Place, or, at the very least, a free chocolate milkshake waiting for you.

Everyone who takes part in this game invariably seems to win something at some point during the promotion, even if it’s something absolutely tiny like a single, sad hamburger. But, then, everyone who participates usually buys a bunch of different food to increase their chances of winning.

So what are the odds really like for the McDonald’s Monopoly game? Is there any way of finding out?

Thankfully, yes – YouTuber Furious Pete, known for his fast-food related videos, has come to the rescue, ordering 100 packets of French fries in order to discover just how common it is to win something in the contest.

McDonald’s claims that the odds of winning at Monopoly is one-in-five, but Furious Pete wanted to test that claim, spending over $350 Canadian in the process.

The result?

As it turns out, the odds of winning are actually much lower – around one-in-nine. So for every nine stickered items you buy at McDonald’s you’re likely to walk away with a single free coffee or other item.

This, of course, is to say nothing of the odds of winning one of the grand prizes. That just won’t happen, even if you do drop over $300 on attempting to nab the grand prize.

The moral of the story is that perhaps an attempt at gambling for free food isn’t the best reason to buy McDonald’s during the Monopoly promotion. Don’t get fooled, you’re not going to win anything too spectacular that balances out the money you’ve spent on your burger itself.

There is one big question that remains to be answered, though.

After Furious Pete was done playing McDonald’s Monopoly, what did he do with 100 packets of French fries?