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These Celebrities Became Real Life Heroes

These Celebrities Became Real Life Heroes November 6, 2018

    Being a celebrity and a hero in movies does not mean that you cannot be a hero in real life. We have gathered over ten famous people who acted while in critical situations and saved the lives of many people. In our list of Hollywood do-gooders, we found out these stars are superheroes in real life too. Their acts have made the headlines in the past years. Some of them broke fights and other have saved people from drowning or from accidents. Let’s check out their awesome stories.

    20. Tom Hardy


    The Mad Max: Fury Road star saved the day in London when he saw two teens that stole a moped and crashed it into a Mercedes. The teens ran and jumped over a few fences, but Tom Hardy sprinted after them and he caught them! Believe it or not, but he’s not the only celebrity to act so fast!