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  • C. Daniel Fowler

    What’s the matter with this picture? Couldn’t you at least have found a picture of Clyde wearing a Trailblazer jersey? Jeez!

  • C. Daniel Fowler

    I love Larry Bird, and God knows he was a Boston great, but really? Are you forgetting a guy by the name of Bill Russell, who did in 13 years what it takes most players 20 years to do if they even could? 11 Championships, 15.1 PPG, 22.5 RPG over his entire career, and probably had more blocked shots than anyone in history (that’s always going to be up in the air, because of Wilt Chamberlain and the fact that they didn’t start counting them until the 1973-74 season)? Like I said, I’m a huge Larry Bird fan, but not even I could dispute what Big Bill Russell meant to the Boston Celtics in his day, and any day forward to this one and those to come. You guys need to get real, and then maybe you’ll get it right!!

  • Daniel Cowden

    “Greatest basketball player to ever walk this Earth.” Bull – Wilt was the greatest by far.

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