• Susie Spilman

    New York???

    • scout finch

      Yes indeed.

  • frankwick

    I’m only half-way through the list and AdBlock for Edge on Windows 10 already has 54 blocks and I have it set to the lowest blocking level!

  • dahmital

    Southern Carolina-
    Looks like an add for grinder.

  • scout finch

    And did I miss Alabama or is this a liberal list?

    • Lexxus8766

      Is Alabama really a state? I thought we just need somewhere to start the song and it was an honorary in…No?
      “Alabama”..ewww, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado…….”

      • scout finch

        Why would you speak to me so nastily unless you are a liberal…because that is how they speak…as if everyone (excepting themselves) is stupid. I would bet a lot on my assumption that you had a godless upbringing. I would also pray to lose any bet on it.

  • scout finch

    THX SO MUCH. I HATE the ads!

  • scout finch

    I didn’t either.

  • scout finch

    WTF is Old Bay…forgive me, but I’m just a hillbilly that didn’t see Dixieland anywhere on this list. Therefore, I’ll claim SC as my adopted image!

  • krista

    Oregon! Yes! I think I will the max to the Portland market today. Might see this guy on the way there or back. I grew up in Washington and did not understand that one, but then again I did not live in the Seattle area.

  • Gavin469

    never went beyond Arizona…what a waste of time. Do think this could be funny though !

  • Brenda Lynn Davidson-freelin

    no ads please… takes so long to see all the photos. I know money has to be made, but so many ads!

    • TioDon

      Well, Brilliant Brenda, if you know “money has to be made” they why are you complaining about it?

  • Brenda Lynn Davidson-freelin

    what state is #7 ….Maine? I wish there was a list.

  • Brenda Lynn Davidson-freelin

    nevermind, I found the state name! way over to the right, by an ad!

  • Brenda Lynn Davidson-freelin

    Sorry about #7, but I’m from Connecticut, and that’s WRONG!

  • BleepinLizards

    The one of Montana is bullshit! That’s wildlife naturalist Casey Anderson and his trained bear Brutus. This list is fake.

  • Heath

    That Mississippi table is actually a legit brilliant idea.

  • saffie

    South Carolina’s picture should have been a gigantic pothole. That’s all South Carolina is!

  • TioDon

    “OK, Mac, we’ll eliminate the ads. Here’s your bill for $4.50. What? You don’t want to pay? Do YOU work for free?”

    • Maeby

      Oh please. They could put out quality content with ads and people would click on their site. Instead they put out shitty quality content and try to sneakily force you to click on as many pages as possible.

  • TioDon

    so many choices, so little time.

  • TioDon

    Jerk, do you work for free? And, no, that doesn’t count washing your Mom’s dishes before you go back to the basement….

  • TioDon

    You must be so proud and, I bet that’s what you think when you use your EBT card. “L”.

  • Shane Cragun

    Michael, two current apostles are polygamous – Russell Nelson and Dallin Oaks. The lost their first wives and then married their second wives for time and all eternity in the temple. Look it up. Utah is still a polygamous state…secretly for LDS and not so for those in S. Utah.

  • KwaneYarnell

    The photo of the little boy with the gun ‘pegged’ Arkansas. Nothing but guns, fishin’, guns, huntin’, guns, shooting-at-somethin’, guns… ad nauseam.
    A beautiful state with hideous, regressive and repulsively Republican people.

    • scout finch

      I love my guns and everyone in the South knows to teach their kids God first and Guns second. The kids know how to use them correctly, I haven’t heard of any kids in the south blowing their friend’s foot off, have you!? So what’s your problem…you don’t have to buy (or shoot) any…even if a murdering rapist enters your house at night, kills your husband and your kids while you scream and wait to be raped…when you COULD have shot his ass as he entered (like Richard Ramirez)! No?

  • Trilby16

    Wyoming- Absolutely nothing. And that’s what’s good about it!

  • Joseph B.

    Trash websites like this that do that stupid PowerPoint style ad spamming are why things like adblocker exist. This isn’t content creation worthy of supporting, this is 2 minutes of googling random pictures and putting them into an article.

  • Joseph B.

    Also way to pretend the vast majority of New York state is not completely different from NYC, a tiny fraction of the total landmass and less than half of New Yorks population. Stop defining the entire state by one city.

  • yeababy

    Terrible article, terrible website

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