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Is Kylie Jenner a Good Role Model for Her Stepson King Cairo?

We know Kylie is hot, we know Kylie is business-savvy, we know Kylie is a trendsetter but… is she a good role model for her stepson?

TMZ reports Kylie had another step-mommy outing with her boyfriend Tyga and his son, King Cairo, yesterday at an LA Toys-R-Us. She rolled outta there with a basket of toys like it was still Christmas in January. I’m sure King was thrilled, but this begs the question – is this good for King? Is she buying King’s love? Will he be spoiled?

Cut to that evening when Kylie jumps out of those sweats and into a raunchy number for the Marie Claire Image Maker Awards. She wore a provocative, shredded, purple cutout gown that showed her abs, her thighs, and her “junk in the trunk.” She even flashed some side-butt on the carpet. And it was raining. So is this appropriate attire for a step-mom? Will other kids tease King about his step-mom’s wild night out?

Not to mention the PDA snap that night! Just, so much tongue- tongue everywhere, tongue wagging, and tongue sucking. Kids have access to all this nowadays. Would you want to stumble on videos of your dad and his girlfriend making out?

Then after the event, Kylie and Tyga had a date night at The Nice Guy… which requires another outfit change of course. This time Kylie stepped into a white, plunging dress with a more-than-thigh-high slit. Again, totally hot, but is it totally appropriate for a pseudo-stepmom?

Sound off in the comments below- is Kylie Jenner a good role model for her stepson?


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