15 Funniest Presidential Debate-Inspired #TrumpBookReport Tweets


(Photo: Getty Images)

While virtually every poll had Hillary Clinton winning the third presidential debate on Wednesday night, there's one aspect in which she failed miserably in comparison to her opponent, Republican nominee and 1,000-gallon Ziploc bag full of Kel from Kenan and Kel's feces Donald Trump: meme generation.

The "build the wall" candidate inspired #BadHombres during a fearmongering rant about Mexico, then the guy that's now been accused by 10 women of sexual assault inadvertantly created #NastyWoman (and #NastyWomen) when he uttered the words in response to her assertion that he hasn't paid taxes in 20 years, a fact he, in the first debate, both confirmed and was proud of.

But the funniest of these accidental memes came during Trump's muddled, flopsweating spew about foreign policy.

That last tweet sparked #TrumpBookReport, and it's both both self-explanatory and amazing.