The 15 Least Right-Swiped Careers on Tinder

Alex Pompliano
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Here’s an all-too-familiar scene: it’s late at night, you’re lonely, and Tinder is the only refuge. Your thumb is beginning to cramp when you see it: the perfect mix of photos, stats, and bio that leads you to think, "This person is the one for me." As you swipe right and their face disappears, all you can do is hope that your profile gave them the same butterflies. But days pass, and you start to question everything: “Do I look weird in these photos?” “Is my bio corny?” “Should I have included my alma mater?”

Well, thanks to new data from Tinder, you may now be closer to finding the answer.

Tinder released a list of the "Most Right-Swiped Jobs" on Wednesday. The list shows the top 15 professions for both men and women that are most desirable among users of the popular matchmaking app. Based on the “occupations of user profiles that received the highest ratio of right swipes from November 2015 through January 2016,” the list is bound to make some people really confident while giving the rest some major FOMO.

According to Tinder, here are the most f*ckable jobs:


For better or worse, Tinder did not release its "Most Left-Swiped Jobs" findings. So here is my theory on what that list might look like:

  1. Parking Enforcement Officer
  2. Sewage Worker
  3. Meme Creator
  4. Video Game Tester
  5. Mortician
  6. Animal Breeder
  7. Millennial Life Coach
  8. Vine Star
  9. Writer (sigh)
  10. Butcher
  11. Garbage Collector
  12. Coal Miner
  13. Comcast Employee
  14. Anything with "Guru" in its title
  15. Prince of Nigeria

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