Famous People Who Died And Barely Anyone Notied

Famous People Who Died And Barely Anyone Notied February 27, 2019

celebrities you forgot died

    When a celebrity dies, we all feel it, at least a little bit — the media ensures this. But not all celebrities are equal. And while some deaths continue to make headlines every year after the fact, others just seem to slip into obscurity. But we won’t forget, even if the rest of the world has. These 25 celebrities you forgot died deserve a second remembrance. 

    James Rebhorn

    celebrities you forgot died
    IMAGE BY: 20th Century Fox

    James Rebhorn was one of those actors that you’d look at and immediately recognize, without having any clue as to what he was in (it was Independence Day). In 1992, Rebhorn was diagnosed with melanoma, which he finally succumbed to in March 2014.