This 650-Pound Woman Lost 400 Pounds And Became Completely Unrecognizable

Joe Welkie
650-pound woman lost 400 pounds
(Photo: 650-pound woman lost 400 pounds)

A 650-pound woman lost 400 pounds, drastically transforming her body  to become a healthier, better version of herself. Amber Rachdi had reached more than 600 pounds in body weight by the time she was 26.

Rachdi’s extreme obesity left her unemployed and housebound, so she decided it was time to make a change. She called upon Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, a weight-loss surgeon, to help her on her journey to become a healthier person who could at the very least leave the house and be a productive member of society.

TLC documented Amber’s incredible transformation on “My 600-lb Life,” which followed her on her journey. The show began with Dr. Nowzaradan telling Amber that she needed to lose 20 pounds before he would even consider surgery on her, so she started eating healthier and doing light exercise. 

657-pound woman made a drastic body transformation

It took her three months, but Amber finally lost the weight to get the life-saving gastric bypass, which helped her on her way to losing significant amounts of weight.

In the years since her appearance on the TLC show, Amber has stuck to a healthy diet and working out, and has lost around 400 pounds.

Amber wrote on her Facebook, “I’d like to take a moment to thank everyone and to let you know I appreciate your kindness and encouragement. You got this. Whatever you’re going through, you can conquer. There is a suitable solution somewhere and you are far more powerful than  you realize.”

Rachdi can serve as an inspiration to all of us, and we hope she continues on her journey to be as healthy as she can be.