The Internet Has No Idea How To Answer This 8-Year-Old’s Math Homework

Joe Welkie
8-year-old's math homework
(Photo: 8-year-old's math homework)

Imagine getting this 8-year-old’s math homework and realizing that you simply can’t solve it. How would that make you feel about yourself? Sure, many people don’t specialize in math, but I think we all can agree that an 8-year-old’s math homework shouldn’t be too difficult.

Well, just about no one on the internet could solve this problem a student got in her homework. In fact, it is nearly impossible to solve, unless you’re a psychic. Why? Just take a look at the problem in question…

8-year-old's math homework

Now, let’s see your solution to that incredibly vague and impossible-to-answer problem. Yeah, that’s right, you can’t solve it. So how could any teacher in their right mind expect an 8-year-old child to figure it out?

The child’s parent put this question up on Reddit to see if anyone could fathom what the possible answer would be. The best guess anyone could come up with was simply “(15 – X).” That seems like some advanced math for a kid who is only 8, and it’s not even a real solution.