How The Heck Did This Car Land In The 2nd Floor Of A Building?


(Photo: a car crashed into the second floor of a building)

If you’ve ever seen an action movie, you’ve probably seen a pretty gnarly car chase. Cars will crash all around the hero, and it will lead to some pretty ridiculous-looking scenes where a car will be lodged into the side of a building. It’s all movie magic, right? Nope, a car crashed into the second floor of a building in Santa Ana, California, and the scene looks eerily like something from The Fast and the Furious.

The car was speeding and the driver was under the influence of drugs apparently (gee, ya think?), and it soared off a median divider and into the dental office. Thankfully, there were no serious injuries, which is crazy to think about when you look at this picture.

“The driver, who admitted to using narcotics, will be admitted to a local hospital for observation,” said Fire Authority in their statement regarding the incident

The authorities are trying to charge the driver with a DUI, but if those charges are never realized, just know that he’s getting a good roasting on Twitter.

It’s hard for ex-cons to find jobs, but maybe in this case, there will be a special exception…

There is your big reason to never drink and do drugs, kids. You might end up in the second floor of a building, wrecking your car, a dental office, and possibly even your life.