If You Thought EATING Tide Pods Was Dumb, Just Look At What This Idiot Did

Joe Welkie
a man just vaped a Tide Pod
(Photo: KENS5)

Remember when the Tide Pod challenge happened and everyone came down on it so hard? Scientists told us not to eat them, doctors told us not to eat them, and even famed idiot Rob Gronkowski said it was a bad idea. Well, in case you thought the Tide Pod fascination couldn’t get any dumber, a man just vaped a Tide Pod, thus proving we can always lower the bar farther.

a man just vaped a Tide Pod

This dude is a “famous vape trickster” who hosts a YouTube channel that features videos of him doing “cool” vape tricks. His name is Kevin Trinidad and it is dismaying to learn that his Instagram has roughly 667,000 followers.

The dude decided that instead of eating the poisonous laundry item, he would smoke it. I feel dumber for writing that sentence, and you probably feel like your IQ has lowered from reading it. I sincerely apologize.

Since then, the video has been removed from YouTube, and Trinidad has taken the post down from his Instagram and apologized for the stunt.

a man just vaped a Tide Pod

For starters, the Tide Pod challenge started as a joke. A satire. Something that was not real. The Onion posted an article about how they looked like candy and the writer wanted to eat them. That was in 2015. In 2017-2018 people actually began eating them.

a man just vaped a Tide Pod

Of course, people had to somehow make this “challenge” even dumber somehow. Because that’s the sensationalist world we live in. People think it’s very hilarious to eat poison these days. LOLOLOLOLOL.

In 2017, poison control centers received reports of more than 10,500 exposures to the highly concentrated pack of laundry detergent by children 5 and younger

a man just vaped a Tide Pod

Obviously, you shouldn’t consume laundry items with your body. Because it’s just stupid. Please stop doing it. Don’t eat them. And don’t vape them. JUST USE THEM FOR LAUNDRY, YOU MORONS.

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