This Guy Set A Spider On Fire, And Then The Spider Got Immediate Revenge


You know those memes about how people saw a spider and they had to “kill it with fire”? They’re hilarious and just about anyone can relate to them. Well, a man tried to kill a spider with fire and ended up burning his house down. He may have taken the meme life a little too far.

The man responsible for the arson still hasn’t been identified, but firefighters and witnesses can confirm the reason the townhouse caught on fire is because of a flaming spider crawling around.

The tenants believe it to be a wolf spider, a fairly large arachnid that was haunting the residence for a while.

Officials say the fire caused about $11,000 worth of damage to the property. Seems like quite a bit of money when you could have just killed the thing by slamming a shoe on it.

What’s even crazier is that the fire department believes the fire may have been started by a blowtorch. A blowtorch vs. a spider?! Talk about overkill.

The hilarity of it all wasn’t lost on the general public though. While you should never try to kill a spider with fire, some people can totally relate to hating the creepy crawlies.

Just know that you should never do this in your own home. Get bug spray or something else instead. Or step on it. Much more effective and it doesn’t burn your house down.