This Guy Got Arrested For Repeatedly Sending Hookers To His Neighbor’s House

Joe Welkie
a nebraska man was arrested for sending prostitutes to his neighbor
(Photo: a nebraska man was arrested for sending prostitutes to his neighbor)

It caused marital turmoil and family stress for years. But finally, a Nebraska man was arrested for sending prostitutes to his neighbor’s house. It took nearly four years for the police to apprehend the perp, but now they have their man.

Douglas Goldsberry, a 45-year-old man in Elkhorn, Nebraska, would send prostitutes to a married couple’s home about 30 times a year for four years. The ladies of the night would show up late at night or early in the morning, strip down on their porch, and then seek payment for their time and effort. Little did they know, it wasn’t the couple who called for their services, but it was Goldsberry, who watched from across the street while masturbating.

Deputy Douglas County Attorney Chad Brown called the process “sick” and surmised Goldsberry used it as “a screening process.”

Goldsberry now faces four years in prison for his pandering charge, but it doesn’t end there. Upon searching his house, the police found evidence of child pornography on his hard drives and could face up to an additional 20 years in jail.

Goldsberry’s lawyer, Nathan Lab, said, “The best thing for Doug is to get treatment. He put (the couple) through hell, there’s no denying that.” He is pushing for probation for Goldsberry.