This Abandoned Vietnamese Waterpark Is One Of The Coolest And Creepiest Places On Earth

Joe Welkie
Abandoned Vietnamese Waterpark
(Photo: Abandoned Vietnamese Waterpark)

It’s not often you get to see an place where joy once lived but has now died, but this abandoned Vietnamese waterpark is hauntingly beautiful. The Ho Thuy Tien, a waterpark that once entertained thousands of people during its heyday, has been shut down for quite a while now and nature has taken over the park in a creepy way.

When the park opened in 2003, it was supposed to provide a big boost to the economy. However, the cost of maintaining and running the park became too much for its owners to handle and the it soon shut down. Since its closure, there have been several talks about what to do with the area. Some people wanted to turn it into an eco-park, some wished to reopen the waterpark completely, but none of those plans came to fruition. Now, what is left of the park are the creepy and gorgeous remains of what used to be.

These photographs were taken by photographers Michael Turtle and Christopher Staring.

This Abandoned Vietnamese Waterpark Is Hauntingly Beautiful

Isn’t it a bit creepy seeing these slides clearly designed for water to have dirt and leafs all over them? It’s something out of a horror movie!

This Abandoned Vietnamese Waterpark Is Hauntingly Beautiful

These photographers really captured the beauty in the emptiness of the park, as the wildlife has grown all around it.

This Abandoned Vietnamese Waterpark Is Hauntingly Beautiful

This enormous structure was supposed to be the centerpiece of the entire park, and now it just remains as a rusted reminder of what could have been.

This Abandoned Vietnamese Waterpark Is Hauntingly Beautiful

The park, located a few miles outside of town, the Ho Thuy Tien has become a popular destination for photographers, tourists, and adventurers. On your next trip to Vietnam you should definitely give it a look-see if you’re up for a little adventure.

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