It May Be Adorable, But It’s Also The World’s Deadliest Cat


We are an ever cat-obsessed culture. They have made their way into the national zeitgeist more than ever, and there are more cats who are celebrities than you could ever imagine. People find them cute and cuddly while being independent and fierce. People are always looking for new cat breeds to adopt and discover. Well, you might want to adopt this little fur ball, but this adorable cat is actually the deadliest in the world.

The species is known as the black-footed cat and mainly resides in Africa. What makes this cat unique is its size (it’s less than 5 pounds, making it one of the smallest cats in the world) and its tenacious hunting abilities. Trust me, you wouldn’t want this critter in your home.

According to the BBC special “Big Cats,” the black-footed cat will walk around 20 miles per night in search of prey to feed their younglings. What’s even more astounding is their success rate…

Black-footed cats are successful in 60 percent of their hunts, a rate that makes this the most successful hunting cat in the world. It’s a higher kill rate than lions, tigers or any other species can boast. Impressive for such a cute and tiny predator.

So I wouldn’t come near this bad boy if I were you. Unless you want to end up as cat food.