Aladdin was Basically a Sex Symbol

Jen McCartney
(Photo: OBSEV)

When I was a kid, I watched Aladdin constantly. As I fell asleep, I recounted how he jumped from building to building, had a caring spirit, and smiled like a real goof. Only later did I realize Aladdin was my first celebrity crush. And who could blame me? He’s basically a sex symbol. 

He was shirtless and looked good


Sure, there have been hot Disney princesses for ages. But in Aladdin we finally got a hot prince (well, sort of prince). That small purple vest certainly couldn’t hide his pecks and abs. A Whole New World indeed. 

He had a sweet ride


Sure, it wasn’t a convertible or a moped, but Aladdin had a ride and could take you places. It may have been a dry-clean-only vehicle,  but the carpet knew all the good places to go and was more than happy to help you get there. 

He knew how to improvise


He’s stuck on a roof and needs to get down? He has to find a new cool way to impress a princess? He’s tied to an anchor and drowned? No problem, he can improvise. Surely those skills would come in handy. 

He had a great place


It’s not much, but his place has an awesome view and pretty reasonable rent. It even had a sort of second story and a curtain for privacy. What more could you want? 

He had cool friends


This guy’s best friend was a monkey that could communicate with humans. What more could you want? Plus, he’s got an in with a genie which you know could come in handy someday. 

He knew how to play hard to get


Woos you, kisses you after a carpet ride, and then disappears? After revealing his true identity he abandons you for a frozen tundra? Talk about playing games. Aladdin, although often unintentionally, knew how to play hard to get. 

He looked out for others


It took some growing up, but Aladdin eventually did the right thing and freed the genie. Plus, who can forget that adorable bread-splitting from the beginning of the movie. His heart is as big as that elephant he rode in his welcome parade. 

Aladdin, we’ll never forget you.