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Are You a Bridezilla? Learn the Signs

Are You a Bridezilla? Learn the Signs August 28, 2019Leave a comment

Love is in the air, proposals are being made, wedding bells are ringing. While getting caught in the romance is fun, becoming consumed by the rage can prove disastrous. Be on the lookout for signs that your moment of wedded bliss could turn ugly with the threat of bridezilla behavior...

Personality Change

Wondering why everyone is suddenly avoiding you? It's probably because you're no longer acting like the "blushing bride-to-be." Becoming obsessive about your guest list or overly critical of whether the pink bridesmaid dresses are actually "blush" or "rose" is a bad sign. You should enjoy planning your wedding, not over-stress about it.


When your champagne tastes start to outweigh your Ramen budget, you know you're in trouble. It's natural to want the finer things in life, especially for your wedding, but be realistic. Instead of trying to splurge on bedazzled centerpieces and fire-breathing entertainment, save some pocket change by focusing on the smaller details that matter most to your special day.

Unrealistic Registry

Don't force your guests to reimburse you for your expensive tastes. No one should be burdened with having to provide all the household necessities when you and your spouse return from your honeymoon. Instead ask for gift-cards and pay for that $1000 blender yourself!

Fairest of Them All

Of course you want to look like a magical fairy queen or bohemian nature goddess on your special day but don't break the bank trying to achieve the biggest princess poof. A wedding gown is something you (hopefully) only wear once so don't think choosing the most expensive option will make those butterflies in your stomach flutter even more.

Looking the Part

We all want to look our best on our big day. However, falling prey to ridiculous weight loss diets and the lure of cosmetic alterations to achieve perfection will only lead to disappointment. If your partner believes you look beautiful first thing in the morning with bed head and drool stains, then seeing you walk down the aisle just as you are will take their breath away.

Picture Perfect

While wanting your wedding to match the vision you've always dreamed of is natural, it's better to be aware of your high expectations for your big day. Asking your bridesmaids to lose weight or alter their appearance to better fit into your idealized fantasy will lead to offense and broken relationships instead of happiness and bliss.

My Way or The Highway

Ultimately you should have a final say in all matters regarding your wedding. However, that doesn't mean you tune out everyone else's opinions in favor of the voice inside your head. Be respectful and aware of everyone's input. Don't offer a meat-based entree to a vegetarian guest or suggest a form-fitting bridesmaid gown to a self-conscious friend.

Take It or Leave It

Instead of recognizing your aggressive behavior is driving people away, you begin to think everyone's growing resentment is due to jealousy. You begin to thin out the guest list when certain people don't enthusiastically respond to your wedding reminders. You threaten to toss out a bridesmaid because she doesn't like the color of her gown. Before you know it, the only one attending your wedding is you.

Center of Attention

Sometimes, a bride's desire to have all eyes on her can prove too selfish on her special day. One bridesmaid revealed to Martha Stewart Weddings that her friend's fear of cuteness competition led her to enforce a "child-free" wedding. You don't want to be ousted by your friend group for being known as a "baby-hater."

My Special Day

Just because it's your wedding doesn't mean the entire time leading up to the event has to revolve around you. The people you've invited to the wedding and those included in the preparations have lives to live. There's no need for intense group chats, Facebook countdown posts, or bi-weekly progress reports. Let others want to join you in your happiness, not dread it.

Rules and Regulations

Along with bombarding your entire guest list with reminders and "oh-by-the-ways," you've also given them restrictions regarding your upcoming nuptials. Some of the most brazen bridezilla behavior has included requests for guests to maintain celibacy out of respect for the happy couple.

It's My Party

Not only are you in charge of planning your entire wedding, now you want to take over the bachelorette party too. Maybe it's because you don't trust your bridesmaids to throw the night of debauchery you're hoping for or you're worried they'll take things too far. In either case, let go of the reigns and allow your crew to take care of the festivities.

Better than You

Your wedding day should be remembered as the day you married your best friend. It shouldn't be remembered because of the seven-course meal you served or the Cirque du Soleil-inspired entertainment. A wedding shouldn't be designed to one-up someone else's or be memorable for its outrageousness. Your love for your future spouse should be the only statement made at your wedding

Disrespecting The Supporting Members

The wedding planner is there to help make your vision a reality but you can't expect them to be constantly at your beck and call. The same goes for the vendors, photographers, and musical entertainment. While they are all "Team Bride," they aren't your minions to be mismanaged, ridiculed or overworked.

All in This Together


For those keeping a close eye on their budget, don't try to be thrifty by having your bridal party do all the work. Sure, helping out here and there with minor decorations and addressing invitations is fine, but don't expect heavy-duty manual labor. Don't turn your best friend into your official bedzazzler or your creative cousin into your cake decorator.

No "I" in "Team"

When you got engaged, you agreed to spend the rest of your life with your partner. Now when it comes to planning the wedding, you want them to have no part in it? Sure, not every guy gets excited about choosing floral arrangements or venue spaces but that doesn't mean they don't want to be included in the preparations. In the end, you don't want your future spouse to feel like a guest at their own wedding.

Love Lockdown

Along with denying your husband-to-be from having any say in the wedding preparations, you've also forbidden him from having any fun before the big day. That means no relaxing in the man cave, no outings with the boys, and definitely no bachelor party!

Not in the Mood

You've invested so much time into wedding planning that you've completely forgotten to dedicate yourself to the person you're marrying. When casual lunch dates feel like an intrusion on your bridal appointments, it's time to readjust your focus on what really matters.

All Work, No Play

Planning a wedding can have different emotional effects depending on the person. Ultimately, you don't want preparations for that one day to consume your entire life. It's ok to step away from binge-watching "Say Yes to the Dress" and take a breather.

Bridal Overload

You have an active Pinterest account with multiple boards dedicated to every aspect of your wedding, including calligraphy options for the invitations. You've been following bridal boutique Instagram accounts and liking posts of their seasonal collections. You've stalked every bridal magazine reading up on the latest trends and comparing celebrity gowns.

Disaster Zone

The venue you wanted has been booked solid. One of your bridesmaids can't request a week off work. The invitations have the wrong date printed on them. You're going into panic mode as the world crashes around you because your wedding day is "officially ruined!" Instead of resorting to the "R-word" every time something minor goes awry, take a chill pill and remind yourself that not everything will go according to plan.

Fight or Flight

Often times, the pre-wedding jitters cause the happy couple to inadvertently drive a wedge between themselves. Revealing your stress to your mother-in-law may lead her to believe you don't want to marry her son. Petty disagreements could cause misunderstandings and mayhem on what should be the happiest day of your life.

Leaving the Nest

Not only are you tugging at your parents' purse-strings, but you're also pulling at their heart-strings. Sometimes brides-to-be get caught up in their own emotional whirlwind and fail to see the toll their wedding day is having on their parents. Running the risk of becoming a financial burden, brides don't realize the happiest day of their lives may be the saddest one for those that raised them to become the women they are today.

Two Become One


Uniting your family with your spouse's family may be harder than you think. One side might want a small, traditional wedding while the other is willing to spend a pretty penny to throw a lavish ceremony. Your mother might desire a revealing style for your gown while your mother-in-law demands you to be covered up. Maintaining a good balance should be a priority and not an expectation.

It's in The Stars

For the horoscope enthusiasts out there, your astrology sign can tell you whether you'll be a bridezilla. YourTango suggests anyone who's a Virgo, Aries, Scorpio, Capricorn, Leo, or Pisces is in danger of becoming hostile during wedding season due to the sign's strong personalities and intense emotions.