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This Dutch Artist Turns Banana Peels Into Astounding Works Of Art

This Dutch Artist Turns Banana Peels Into Astounding Works Of Art April 3, 2018

banana artist stephan brusche

    Banana artist Stephan Brusche turns bananas into banana art
    The virality of hands-and-pans pancake art videos died down back in 2016. And there was a hole in the internet foodie culture that needed something or someone to fill it. But thanks to banana artist Stephan Brusche of Rotterdam, the Netherlands, bananas are soon to become the next trend in food art. Using both ink and precise carving skills, Brusche creates undeniable masterpieces. And he does it using nothing more than standard, grocery-store bananas as his canvas. So check out Brusche’s fire Instagram feed. His creations mean you’ll never look at a banana the same way. We promise.   

    Meet Stephan Brusche

    Based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, artist Stephan Brusche views bananas as the perfect medium to create intricate works of art. On his personal website, Brusche reveals that his one-time side project has now evolved into a viable, unique career. “I draw on bananas,” writes Brusche. “Sometimes to create stand-out social media posts & stories. Other times to give a live performance during events and trade shows. I’m also available for banana art workshops.”