Beautiful Images That Showcase the Effects of Time

Beautiful Images That Showcase the Effects of Time July 29, 2021Leave a comment

There are only two things that seem to be unfazed by the effects of time and that’s the sun and the sky. Everything else on Earth is fair game. It doesn’t matter if it’s an abandoned bicycle, a car, a building, or an animal. Everyone and everything we know is constantly changing, and there's nothing we can do to stop it.

And that is a beautiful thing! Getting old is a gift. It means that you managed to make it through all these years and you're still here. But we're not the only ones who evolve with time. Everything around us is constantly changing. And sometimes, it may not seem that obvious to the naked eye. So let's explore these fascinating pictures that prove how the passing of time can change our whole world.

Six Months of Mineral Buildup in a Pipe

Reddit / GhostalMedia

While this might look like some sort of crystalline cavern, it’s actually a pipe that is used for a mineral pool spa. Those crystals are actually six months' worth of buildup, and it’s shockingly beautiful.

30 Years of Graffiti


This is what 30 years of graffiti looks like after it has been peeled off. It’s eerily similar to the lines of a tree trunk. The only difference is that these lines were formed out of spray paint on the wall.

This Tree Holding Up the Remains of a Wall

Reddit / vaj-tastic_voyage

Those two stones under the branch of that tree weren’t placed there intentionally. The tree is holding two pieces of stones that belonged to a wall that collapsed over the years. Somehow, as the tree grew, one of the branches grew around the stones and gripped them so tightly that they remained suspended in midair.

These 40-Year-Old Concrete Sacks Became Solid Rock

Reddit / thegreywolf17

While most people believed these to be sand bags that became solid rock, they are actually concrete sacks that were stacked to make this barrier. Over the course of 40 plus years, the sacks became a solid barrier that remains firmer than day they were placed.

A Silver Dollar Carried Around for 20 Years

Reddit / jbmn67

This silver dollar was carried in someone’s pocket for 20 years. The result of smashing against other loose change and keys ultimately led to this silver dollar’s face and sides looking flat and polished.

This Aging Great White


Although this great white shark is certainly not as young as it used to be, it still looks every bit as menacing as it did in its younger years. However, there’s evidence of bite marks and other war wounds on its flesh.

This Light Post Full of Staples

Reddit / markeees

This light post is located outside of a New Orleans’ music club. It looks like it’s swarming with insects but the pole is actually covered in more than 40-years-worth of staples from band flyers that were placed there.

One Used and Unused Star Wars Pillow

Reddit / olives4me

The Star Wars pillow case on the top did not have the force with them. That’s because it was used every day for about 40 years. The Star Wars pillow case on the bottom, however, was unused and remains in pristine condition.

This Old Church

Reddit / DetroitStalker

Everyone assumed that this church in Detroit, Michigan, was made out of black stones. Then again, none of the original builders were around to dispute that, since the church was over 134 years old. But when pressure cleaners were used to wash the stones, the church showed its true colors.

This Bedroom Wall Has a Pet Outline

Reddit / Oclaf11

This dog has slept in the same spot and same position for several years. It involved pressing its hind legs and lower body against the wall. As a result, an outline formed on the wall.

The Tree That Grew Through a Fence

Reddit / guidothedog

Those diamond shaped markings might look man-made, but they’re not. This tree literally grew through a fence. As a result, it still contains the markings that make it look like the skin of a pineapple.

The CD That Was Exposed to the Sun

Reddit / mjs6181

This CD was left sitting in the car for more than year. During that time, the sun hit its surface, resulting in those interesting looking tendrils that look like tree branches or some form of underwater coral reef.

Fingernails After Six Months of Chemo

Reddit / TF_Biochemist

This is what someone’s fingernails looked like after six rounds of chemotherapy. This is the result of cells which form the nail plates being pushed forward and getting flatter and harder. But this is only temporary and the nails will eventually grow normally several months after chemo.

Worn Steps from the Great Wall of China

Reddit / jandj275

Need proof that people make an impression on the ground they walk on? Then look at this photo taken at the Great Wall of China. It shows that the steps are all worn from centuries of people walking up and down this area.

The Chain That Wore the Rockface Away

Reddit / EnumuShiki

Mother Nature didn’t conveniently make a crevice for that man-made chain. That chain wore out the rock after years of people climbing on the edge of this cliff on the Angel’s Landing Hike at Zion National Park in Utah.

Old Piano Pedal is Worn Out

Reddit / triatath

Oh, the stories this old public piano could share if it could talk. But all one has to do is look at the worn-out pedal to know how much use it has gotten over the years. Now the edge looks more like a bottle opener.

These Curved Trees

Reddit / train_global

Wondering why the trees closest to the building are so curved? It’s simple. Those trees were planted near the exhaust vents. Over time, the airflow caused the tree trunks to curve away from the building.

Worn Out ID Badge

Reddit / ColonelDredd

This employee’s work ID badge is so old that it has worn out most of his face. In fact, the guy looks so creepy that he almost looks like some kind of scary ghost or demon in the photo. It’s a wonder that security even recognized him from the badge photo.

Old Versus New Stuffed Animal

Reddit / robonick

The stuffed animal on the left was given to someone approximately 29 years ago. Over the years, the stuffed toy lost its stuffing because the owner used it quite a bit. The one on the right is the same model but newer and it is nearly unrecognizable with all of its stuffing in tact.

Bronze Ballerina Statue’s Worn Middle Finger

Facebook /

This is the bronze statue of Margot Fonteyn, a famous ballerina. The statue is located in London’s Royal Ballet School. The reason the color on one of her middle fingers looks so worn is that students at the ballet school touch it for good luck every time they walk past the statue.

The Difference in Wear and Tear of a Shoe

Reddit / The51stState

After a year, the shoe on the left looks extremely worn because it was used by a flesh and blood foot. But the shoe on the right seems to have suffered less wear and tear. This might have something to do with the fact that the foot on the right shoe is a prosthetic.

Dark Remnants of Union Station

Reddit / bradv1977

This is a photo of a bench in the Union Station in Washington, DC, which opened in 1907. Over the past 100 plus years, people have sat here and apparently left their oily residue on the back of this wall where they sat.

This Bench Has Seen Better Days

Reddit / VitaminTHC420

Notice how one of the legs on this bench looks like it has been scraped by a carving knife or a chisel? Well, it hasn’t. It turns out that the owner’s cat spent the last ten years scratching the leg of that bench and this was the result.

Tree Hugs Woman’s Final Resting Place

Tumblr / spoookyscary

This mother was laid to rest in a cemetery in Wakefield, Massachusetts. Over the years, the tree in the nearby vicinity grew and somehow enveloped the tombstone, almost as if the tree was giving the woman a big hug.

Another Tree Merges With a Tombstone

Flickr / Zoe Clarke / CC 2.0

Here’s another example of a tree that seemingly merged with a tombstone at a cemetery. The cracks in the stone are the result of the tree putting pressure on it. And at a glance, it almost looks like an elephant foot stomping on the tombstone.

Identical Stuffed Cats, Different Condition

Reddit / Connguy

Both of these stuffed cats were bought in 1995, but the one on the right was given to a child who clearly loved it and hugged it and used it. The cat on the left was stored away for several decades. But when the two were placed side by side, the wear and tear on the one on the right was far more evident.

The Worn-Out Wall Under This Card Reader

Reddit / Sparkle_Fart

For years, people have been swiping their cards across this card reader, and it has left quite an impression... literally. The wall directly under the reader shows the wear and tear of years of swiping. There’s also a hint of damage to the wall at the top of the reader, too.

This Polished Root

Reddit / King_Baboon

Under normal circumstances, the nodule on that massive root would never look that nice and shiny. But the root happens to be located on a hiking trail. So, over the years, constant foot traffic has literally polished the wood on this root.

The Wear and Tear of a 20-Year-Old Shovel

Reddit / TLiddi

This is what a snow shovel looks like after it has been used to shovel snow from sidewalks and driveways for approximately 20 years. The wear and tear was likely the result of scraping the shovel against the pavement so many times.

St. Peter’s Worn Feet

YouTube / bbew Ecurb

For centuries, people have been kissing the feet of St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City, Italy. As a result, the toes on one of the statue’s feet looks less like human toes and more like an unrecognized mesh of material.

Worn Out Steps

Reddit / Cletus101

These steps near someone’s home look warped for a very good reason. The area where they live was inhabited by people for thousands of years. As a result, the steps have gotten worn out over time.

The Keyboard Letters Are Worn Out

Reddit / Buetti

This keyboard belongs to a transcriptionist, but that’s pretty evident given that the letters on the keys are worn off. What’s more, there’s evidence of tiny craters on each key where the transcriptionist’s fingers touched.

The Marks on the Men’s Bathroom Floor

Reddit / Pasalacquanian

The marks of the footprints in the men’s bathroom shows that over the years, the guys have respected the bro code and kept their distance from one another by not using the urinal in the middle.

Underneath this Computer Touchpad

Reddit / Cletus101

This computer touchpad has been poked and rubbed by human fingers so many times that the paint on it has worn out. As a result, the owner can see what looks like a design similar to what one would expect from a motherboard below where the paint once was.

Worn Out Foot Holds Into Volcanic Rock

Pinterest / Gary Leikness

These foot holds are worn into the volcanic rock on the hiking trail at Tsankawi at Bandelier National Monument in New Mexico. The locals have dubbed them Indian ladders or Anasazi ladders. And according to hikers, these foot holds make it easier to climb up the trail.

This Tree is Eating This Road Sign

Flickr / Cindy Cornett Seigle / CC 2.0

It looks like this road has been closed for quite a while because that road sign is in the process of being eaten by that tree trunk. No wonder the road is closed. It’s full of predatory trees that are ready to eat anything in sight.

The Old Tile Floor Underneath This Parking Lot

Reddit / anjack9

As this parking lot’s paved floor continued to wear down, it revealed evidence of a tile floor that once belonged to a building that used to occupy this space. Now that’s what we call some seriously durable tiles.

This Indentation Outside of a Bike Shop

Imgur / limetime

Over the last 30 years or so, customers have been striking the edge of this wall outside of a bike shop. One strike might not seem like a big deal, but multiply it by the number of times this has happened over the years. As a result, an indentation formed into the bricks.

This Washed-Up Cinderblock

Reddit / vicroll91

Most people know what a cinderblock looks like and they’re pretty certain that it doesn’t look this smooth. But this particular cinderblock ended up in the ocean and over time, the crashing waves smoothed the block’s edges.

This Train’s Worn-Out Textured Floor

Reddit / archie_dog

It’s hard to imagine that this Parisian train once had textured floors, but there’s still evidence of the original design by the rails. Over the years, the foot traffic from passengers seemingly caused the floor to become smooth.

This Mayan Calendar Has Been Dragging on the Wall

Reddit / Knight2nite

This version of an ancient Mayan Calendar, which has 20-day months, has been hanging on the wall for many years. As a result, the weight of it has dragged the nail down on the wall, leading to that gash in the wood.

An Overused Darth Vader

Reddit / FerroLad

The Darth Vader keychain on the left has been used for 10 years, and many of the features look sanded down. This was probably the result of the keychain smashing around against keys and loose change in the owner’s pocket. Fortunately, the owner has a new version of the keychain to replace the old one.

The Worn Down Flooring at This Café

Reddit / oupharmrx

The evidence that this café has been pretty popular over the years can be found on the bar’s floor. It shows that the area has been worn down by customers who have sat in those stools while enjoying their meals.

Hats From Old to Young

Reddit / TheSethsquatch

This isn’t the same hat, but each hat does represent the past, present and future in that order. The one on the far left is the oldest hat. The one in the middle is the hat the person was presently wearing. And the hat on the right is the one they intend to start wearing after retiring the present hat.

Children’s Footsteps at Donnelly’s Hollow, Ireland

Reddit / Rory-mcfc

This photo was taken in Donnelly’s Hollow, Ireland, and those footsteps belong to the children who walked up this path over the course of several years. It’s odd how they all happened to step in the exact same spots, but this was the end result of their travels.