Ben Carson Thinks the Khan Family Should Apologize to Donald Trump

Logan Rapp
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Just when you think we couldn't go much farther down the rabbit hole with the Donald Trump / Khan family debacle, the world finds new ways to provide an even more absurd wrinkle to the story. Former presidential candidate and neurosurgeon Ben Carson has now gone on record saying that the Gold Star family, parents to fallen soldier Captain Humayun Khan, should apologize to Donald Trump for their criticism of his campaign. 

While a lot of military families are upset, fellow Republicans have criticized Trump for his actions, the VFW calling him out and the vast majority of the American people saying that Trump's response to the Khan family was "out of bounds," Ben Carson went on the cable news circuit and suggested that it "[wouldn't] be harmful if they apologized to him and he apologized to them, but I don't see that happening." 

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Which, okay, it started off all fine and well with a naive "everyone just say they're sorry and move on" sense, because that's one hundred percent something that Donald Trump is capable of. Then Carson went on Fox News and started saying exactly why the Khans should apologize. It turns out, Carson didn't like that Khizr Khan suggested that Trump hadn't read the U.S. Constitution. And strangely, he also started saying what we've all been saying: "When they speak you should just give them a pass and move on, and I think pretty much everybody would agree." 

Megyn Kelly pointed out that if Trump agrees with that now, it would be "because he suffered the political fallout. But most people would do it out of a sense of decency that drove their behavior in the first place, not out of political expediency." Watch out, there must be blood coming out of her wherever if she's attacking Donald Trump again. Meanwhile, his spokesperson is saying that Captain Khan would be alive today if Obama weren't elected, nevermind that the Captain died in 2004 when Bush was president. 

Meanwhile, the Republican party desperately hopes Trump drops out of the race soon.  

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