The Best 90’s Shows Currently on Netflix

Kristen Lubbe
(Photo: OBSEV / Netflix / NBC)

There are so many amazing TV shows out right now on Netflix. Can we just talk about "Bloodline" for a minute? That show got me so glued to the TV I literally went through withdrawals after finishing the last episode. I seriously crave the next season so bad, I have a countdown going on my phone. 

If you’re like me, and you’ve either exhausted all of the current TV show options or you’re just feeling a bit nostalgic and want to reminisce on yesteryear, Netflix certainly has you covered. Here is a list of some of the best 90’s and early 00’s shows available on Netflix.




Sarah Michelle Gellar as a super hot vampire slayer–yes, please! It wasn’t old then and it certainly isn’t too old now.




It seems like in modern times drama-filled Alien shows are pretty common, so why not revisit an oldie-but-goodie with "Roswell." Plus, Katherine Heigl was in it before she got too-cool-for-school and fired from "Greys Anatomy."




20-somethings roaming the streets of New York City in the 90’s–sign me up again and again. "Friends" will never get old, and thank god Netflix has all 10 seasons because I’m going to need that for the next time i’m hungover.




Reacquaint yourself with Scully and Mulder before the new season comes out on Fox. That show shaped everything we know about good television today, and is something we should all revisit.

The Wonder Years

The Rolling Stones


Watching Kevin navigate the murky waters of childhood, finding himself, and discovering his first crush was like watching ourselves grow up on tv.




Your favorite white-trash family that you thought was funny the first time, will definitely be funnier the second time around.

Saved by the Bell



Don’t trust anyone who has never seen "Saved by the Bell" before. Pull it up on Netflix, and take a seat. 




The perfect show to watch now that we’re coming up on Halloween season. 

Twin Peaks



If you’ve never heard of Twin Peaks you’re seriously living under a rock. This is a super cult classic that certainly deserves to be watched again and again.




30 year old women everywhere are now screaming with joy since discovering this is available to watch on Netflix. 

Ally McBeal



Dancing baby fans rejoice!




One of my all time favorite shows from my childhood. This was a staple in my family and we all gathered around the TV to watch. 




I think we could all use another dose of a badass woman kicking dudes' asses. 

A Different World



Watching "A Different World" when I was younger I didn’t understand it to its full potential, but now being a post-grad myself, it’s a much, much better show. 

Quantum Leap



Here’s another show to gauge your friendships on–don’t trust anyone that doesn’t like "Quantum Leap." I know exactly where my weekend's free time is going. 

Sea Quest



The perfect combination of Flipper and "Star Trek." I always wanted to be one of the characters on "SeaQuest" growing up.