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After Finding Out That Her Fiancé Cheated, This Bride Gets Her Revenge at the Wedding

After Finding Out That Her Fiancé Cheated, This Bride Gets Her Revenge at the Wedding January 11, 2021Leave a comment

A wedding is supposed to be one of the happiest moments in a bride’s life, at least, that’s what Casey was expecting when she said "I do!" Unfortunately, she discovered a sinister secret about her fiancé just before the ceremony was scheduled to happen.

But she feared it was too late to do anything about it. The wedding was about to take place. But suddenly, inspiration struck and she decided to get her revenge in front of all the wedding guests, much to their surprise!

Their Relationship Was Strong


Casey and Alex had been together for six years before they were ready to get married. Their families knew and loved each other and they were happier than they had ever been— or so Casey thought. She had just accepted a promotion at work and her boyfriend Alex had moved in with her to share their life together. She finally thought that she had it all.

She Didn't See The Disaster Coming


Just before Alex proposed to Casey, she thought that he had grown a bit distant in their relationship. At times, he seemed cold and emotionally unavailable. She credited her boyfriend's recent job slump for his attitude, but soon he made it clear why he was acting this way.

She Said Yes Without Thinking Twice


The moment Alex proposed, Casey knew exactly why he had been so quiet lately. It wasn't because he was mad at her, he just didn't want her to guess that he was going to propose soon! The instant that he proposed, Casey's heart soared and she knew that she really had everything she wanted in life.

She Planned The Wedding With No Assistance


The engagement wasn't the end of Alex's emotional distance, though. Casey did most, if not all, of the wedding planning herself, which included sending invitations to both her family and his, and calling caterers, photographers and florists. But Casey was just happy to finally have a ring on her finger.

She Was a Picture Perfect Bride


As the months went on and the couple got closer to their wedding, things didn't really change in their communication habits. Alex seemed more distant than ever and Casey focused herself on planning the perfect wedding. But her bridesmaids soon noticed that things weren't going as well as Casey made it seem.

Her Friends Never Left Her Side


Her bridesmaids noticed that Casey's fiancé wasn't around much as the wedding planning progressed, but they trusted Casey's decision to go ahead with the marriage despite the rough times that the couple seemed to be having. So, they were all the less shocked by what happened on the day of the wedding itself.

She Believed They Were Destined to Be Together


In an interview with the website Whimn, Casey said, "I believed we would live happily ever after.” That’s how she felt about the man she was going to call her husband after dating him for more than six years. But then she discovered his ugly dark side on the day of the wedding.

She Was Excited to Get Married


The wedding day started out as one would expect. It was very hectic and there were a lot of preparations to be made. Luckily Casey had her friends with her as she got ready to walk down the aisle and recite her vows, but things didn’t go as planned.

Her Phone Was Going Crazy

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Casey and her friends were in her hotel room dressing up for the wedding, but her phone wouldn’t stop vibrating. It turns out that everyone she loved had been sending her messages of support. But there was one message that left her speechless.

"You Don't Know Me, But..."


Casey looked through her messages and in between notes of well wishes from friends and family members was a text from a number that wasn't in her contact book. And the message itself started with, "you don't know me, but I just thought I'd let you know..."

She Was Totally Shocked


At this point, Casey had gotten a little annoyed that her phone kept buzzing, but she decided to look at her latest message and then she wished she hadn’t. The text contained a short message and a series of screenshots from an unknown number that made her tear up.

The Words Stunned Her

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The message continued, "I just thought I'd let you know that your fiancé isn't who you think he is. He has been hooking up with someone behind your back for months and I think you should finally know about it."

The Screenshots Revealed a Sordid Secret


Someone had taken screenshots of a conversation and then sent them to her. As she took a closer look, she realized they contained back and forth chats between a woman who was reportedly blonde and beautiful and the man Casey was going to marry. Then, she saw a question underneath the screenshots.

The Texts Described a Steamy Affair


The screenshots of conversations between the blonde and Casey's fiancé Alex left nothing to the imagination. It was clear that the two were having a passionate romance right behind Casey's back, and she wondered just how long this had been going on.

She Isolated Herself and Read the Texts


A heartbroken Casey went into the bathroom and shut the door. There, in total privacy, she read every word in the screenshots and discovered her fiancé had been exchanging steamy conversations with another woman for months. And to add insult to injury, the sender posted the question, “I wouldn’t marry him. Will you?”

Her Phone Was Full of Lies


Casey couldn't help but look at photos of herself and her fiancé Alex taken just the night before on her phone. How had he managed to lie to her and still look happy in photographs as if nothing had happened? Casey knew that this moment was her ultimate breaking point.

She Had Enough


Throwing her phone to the ground, Casey wasn't sure what to do next. The man that she loved more than anyone had betrayed her in such a horrible way and she found out from a complete stranger. She wondered how many of her close friends already knew what her fiancé had been up to.

She Felt Completely Betrayed


Although her bridesmaids and closest friends were in the room next to her, Casey didn't know who to turn to in that moment. She wondered if any of the guests at the wedding already knew Alex's horrible secret. If so, she just didn't know if she could face them today.

Her Bridesmaids Were Speechless


After 20 minutes, Casey’s bridesmaids convinced her to open the door and come out of the bathroom. Once she did, she told them what her fiancé, Alex, had done and they were utterly speechless. Then they came up with a plan to fix this terrible situation.

It Was Too Late to Stop the Wedding


The wedding was already paid for and getting a refund was no longer an option. To make things worse, everyone was expecting Casey to show up at the ceremony in about an hour and yet all she wanted to do was run. But she decided to do the exact opposite.

She Put On a Brave Face and Got Ready


Casey decided that because she had planned the wedding largely on her own, she should be the one to decide what happened that day. So, she prepared herself to do her makeup, put on her white dress, and stun the crowd the way she had planned to in the first place.

She Wouldn't Let This Day Go to Waste


Casey looked through the windows and noticed that it was a perfectly sunny day outside. She couldn't have planned a more beautiful wedding if she tried, but that didn't change that she now felt no love for the man she had planned to marry. But that didn't mean that such a beautiful day had to go to waste.

She Was a Beautiful Bride


Once Casey's makeup and hair was done, she felt absolutely invincible. Her friends around her showered her with compliments, but even they didn't know exactly what she was going to do at the ceremony with the information she now knew.

She Found Clarity Amongst the Chaos


One particular text continued to haunt her. It read: “This weekend. You and I. It is on, hot stuff. Bring your A-game.” At first, she didn’t know how to stop the wedding from happening. Then she came up with the perfect plan.

It Was Showtime


The screencaps had left her devastated, but her time had run out. And despite the fact that her bridesmaids demanded she confront him with the truth, she decided that the show had to go on. But she wasn’t about to let Alex off the hook.

Casey Had a Devious Plan


Her bridesmaids were confused that Casey wanted to go through with the ceremony as if nothing had happened, but they didn't know the details of the plan that she had in her head that was sure to stun everyone in attendance.

She Was Ready For Her Revenge


Casey knew that if her fiancé could pretend that nothing was wrong, so could she. In fact, she would one up his game and pretend to all of their family and friends that she was still in love with Alex before she set her plans in motion.

She Decided to Play Pretend


Instead of making a big scene, she decided to act as though everything was fine. But she had to coax her bridesmaids into doing the same or her sinister little plan was never going to work. So, after slipping into her gown, she headed to the wedding to get her revenge.

She Was Playing a Role


She felt like an actress playing the ultimate role and her fiancé, Alex, had no idea how hurt and betrayed she felt, not even as she stood next to him. But it was only a matter of time before she hurt him the way he had hurt her.

She Saw Joy Staring Back at Her

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When Casey looked out into the sea of guests, she saw her loved ones smiling back at her, just like Alex’s parents were reflecting their joy towards him, too. And yet no one noticed the pain in her eyes, which was fine. The less they knew the less likely they were to stop her when she unleashed her plan.

She Almost Broke When She Looked In His Eyes


Of course, Caseys' plan didn't go on without a hitch. She nearly broke her composure and dissolved into tears when she looked in her would-be husband's eyes, but she quickly reminded herself silently to go through with her plan, so she didn't let herself break.

She Was Holding Something Behind Her Bouquet


Her fiancé Alex didn't notice that Casey held her phone behind her bouquet, which she was going to use to unveil his infidelity to the entire crowd. In just a moment, Alex was going to wish that he had never met his blonde beauty.

She Lied Through Every Moment


Even as the priest at the head of the room started to speak, Casey didn't let her plan on to anyone. She just waited patiently for her turn to speak before she let out her fiancé's dark little secret once and for all.

He Was None the Wiser


Alex of course had no idea what Casey was planning. The shocked look on his face when he noticed Casey's iPhone in her hand quickly subsided because he had no idea that he had been exposed by his lover. He thought that Casey was simply going to change her vows on the fly.

She Bided Her Time

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When Alex gazed into her eyes, he knew something was wrong. She wasn’t as enthusiastic as he had expected her to be. Still, Casey said nothing. Then it was time to exchange vows and that’s when she unleashed her fury.

She Canceled the Wedding


Guests gasped and looked on in shock as Casey said, “There will be no wedding today.” But when her confused fiancé reached out to her she pulled her hand away and explained, “It seems Alex is not who I thought he was.”

Her Phone Became Her Ultimate Weapon


Casey threw the bouquet on the floor and revealed the phone she had been grasping tightly in anger. Then, she started reading the text messages she received in the screenshots, leaving Alex horribly embarrassed in front of the shocked guests.

The Groom Stood in Judgment


Alex was powerless to stop Casey from sharing all the disturbing details of the message she had received while the wedding guests looked at him in judgment. Unable to deal with the horror of what he had done, he stormed out of the church with his best man. But was it over?

Casey Had the Last Laugh

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After Alex stormed out of the chapel, Casey continued to explain to the wedding guests, which included many of Alex's close friends and dearest family members, all of the sordid details of her fiancé's affair and just how long he had led her on despite their engagement.

Her Fiancé Was Furious


Casey's fiancé Alex could be heard yelling from the other room, so Casey knew that she would have no problem cutting him out of her life for good. And she was happy to lead her guests to the wedding reception, which would now be the perfect way for her to celebrate her newfound independence.

Everyone Was Very Angry


With the exception of the bridesmaids who already knew what had happened, everyone else was very angry at Alex for his careless actions. And yet, it was Casey who was feeling nervous as she braced herself for the onslaught of questions.

There Was a Celebration of Honesty


“I love all of you, and as horrible as this is I’m glad you all are here. There will not be a wedding reception today, but instead, there will be a celebration of honesty, finding true love and following your heart even when it hurts,” Casey told the guests. But did her message fall on deaf ears?

The Wedding Party Went On


Casey’s speech was met with applause from everyone, including her bridesmaids, who were in awe at how their friend had overcome her pain so that the party would continue. The only thing that didn’t happen was Casey and Alex getting married. But that was obviously a blessing in disguise.

The Party Went Off Without a Hitch


Because Casey obviously couldn't get a refund for her wedding on the day of the ceremony, it was in her best interest to let the part go on without a hitch, and her friends loved her decision. She was also thankful that she and her fiancé hadn't planned a honeymoon that would have to be cancelled anyway!

Her Friends Stood By Her Side


Casey was most thankful not for the makeup artists or hair stylists that helped her look beautiful on this momentous day, but for her friends who stood by her side despite her fiancé's infidelity. She knew now that she would rather have an imperfect boyfriend who was honest with her than a perfect man who lied.

She Dodged a Bullet


Most people in Casey’s situation wouldn’t have celebrated, but she had one reason to party. She had dodged a bullet by learning about Alex’s infidelity. But why hadn’t she seen any warning signs that he had been cheating on her?

There are Reasons People Cheat


According to Doctor Rowan Burckhardt, a clinical psychologist at the Sydney Couples Counselling Centre in Australia, there are a few reasons why people cheat. “The first is what the cheater probably sees as a problem in the relationship. The second is the straying party failing to have romantic feelings for their partner. A person can react to a problem by stepping “out of the relationship” into the arms of someone else. And in the second case, the cheater needs to find this “romantic connection” elsewhere. This is when “attraction for a person outside the relationship becomes all the greater,” he shared.

She Doesn’t Know Why He Cheated


Casey doesn’t know what made Alex cheat. Sure, they had a few arguments here and there, but that’s normal in every relationship. It certainly doesn’t justify cheating. Fortunately, Casey learned the truth before she said I do. And when her story came out, it spread like wildfire.

Her Story Went Viral


Casey’s story of embracing the light in the midst of darkness continued to spread across the globe and people were praising her left and right. Graham Houghton said, “A very brave woman who deserves and will certainly find, someone better. I wish her luck and happiness.” Then there was Will Agee who said, “Wow!! Very strong and forward-thinking of her!! Honesty is the best policy with self and others!! Blessings all!!”

They Had One Heck of a Party


Although it was a bit awkward to cheer, dance and celebrate Casey not getting married, at least the money spent on the wedding didn’t go to waste. “It was certainly not the wedding day I had planned but to our credit, it was one [heck] of a party,” Casey told Whimn.