Cat Sniffing: The Trend That Is Sweeping Through China


There is a lot of money in trying to predict what the next big thing will be. No one could have saw the popularity of fidget spinners becoming what it was, and the same goes with hover boards. Many times, people look toward the youth of the world to provide clues for what’s going to be the next fad. Well, cat sniffing is the new trend sweeping through China and the kids over there just can’t get enough of it.

Since China is facing a major “empty nest” problem, their youth culture has become dominated by cats, with many cats having their own social media accounts and becoming celebrities in their own right. But this obsession with cats has gone incredibly far and has gotten into the realm of sniffing.

“As a veteran cat sniffer, if I don’t get my fix I feel absolutely terrible. I have a serious cat addiction,” said one cat sniffer on Zhihu, China’s version of Quora.

Cats have become a replacement for children, or their are at least a gateway into parenthood. “My wife and I are not ready to have a child, so we give all our love to our cat,” says Zhou, a man who works for a film company in east China.

Not only are cats all the rage in China, but cat-related products like phone cases, jewelry, and clothing. in 2017, it is estimated that nearly $1.5 billion worth of cat-related products were sold in China, and they expect that number to keep on rising.

It looks like China is fine with not just being the “crazy cat lady,” they are aiming to be a “crazy cat country.”