A Catholic School Censored This Statue Because It’s Just Plain Gross


(Photo: Catholic school covered a statue for being too weird and gross looking)

In Australia, a Catholic school covered a statue for being too weird and gross looking. While the statue is meant to depict a saintly figure handing a boy a loaf of bread, it looks like something entirely different. Once you have a gander at the piece, you’ll know exactly what I mean.


It’s supposed to be a statue of St. Martin de Porres and it has stood at the Blackfriars Priory School in suburban Adelaide for only a few months before the community complained that it was too suggestive. Rightfully so, it certainly looks strange upon first, second, and even third glance. 

A local artist has been hired to redesign the piece and until it is complete, the statue will remain behind a black-covered fence.

“The two-dimensional concept plans for the statue were viewed and approved by the Executive Team in May but upon arrival the three-dimensional statue was deemed by the Executive to be potentially suggestive,” the principal of the school, Simon Cobian, stated in an apology released on Facebook.