This Coffee Brain Teaser Has Stumped Loads Of People. Can You Get It Right?

Joe Welkie
coffee brain teaser
(Photo: coffee brain teaser)

Over the last few days, a certain coffee brain teaser has taken the internet by storm and has even more people looking stupid. That’s the best quality of a good brain teaser, though. It’s hard for people to figure out, and is not immediately solved.

So when this coffee brain teaser was posted online, it really showed who is paying attention to the information presented before them, and who gives just a quick glance over an image and stupidly opens their mouth without looking further into the equation. Not everything is as it seems.

Did you get it?

You said No. 9 right?

Yea, that’s what most people said. And upon a quick glance, no one would fault you for that being your answer. But you are horrendously wrong. Someone should stamp the word “idiot” across your forehead.


The correct answer, of course, is cup No. 5. If you took notice, the piping to all three other cups contain blocks. So all of the other cups would receive zero coffee.

But you noticed that, surely.