This Pair Of Conjoined Twins Have The Ability To Share Each Other’s Senses

Joe Welkie
conjoined twins share senses
(Photo: conjoined twins share senses)

As if being connected at the head wasn’t strange enough, these conjoined twins share senses. Tatiana and Krista Hogan are 11 years old after surviving a birth that nearly killed them both.

Doctors weren’t sure the twins were going to make it 24 hours, but they just kept pushing on, and now the girls are in sixth grade, despite numerous medial difficulties. “They’re just little people that are here living their lives like the rest of us,” mother Felicia Hogan said. “That’s how we see them and that’s how their siblings see them.”

these conjoined twins share each other's senses

After surviving a birth that left them both reeling, Tatiana and Krista now live with Type-1 diabetes and epilepsy. They have several pills they need to take on a daily basis, blood tests, and insulin shots. They don’t let these setbacks hold them down and live an active life, however. They’ve got a bike that was specially made for them, they learned how to swim, and they are attending school along with other kids their age.

these conjoined twins share each other's senses

Being conjoined at the head is an extremely rare occurrence. The situation the Hudson girls find themselves in is about one in 2.5 million. But, there is something even more special about them — they can share senses. A thalamic bridge connects their brain, so they can see through each other’s eyes, taste what the other one tastes, and they even can share thoughts! While each controls their own limbs, both twins have the ability to control the other’s legs and arms.

these conjoined twins share each other's senses

Dr. Juliette Hukin describes exactly how rare their condition is. “They’re the only twins that I’m aware of who are alive and remain conjoined with this shared connectivity,” she said.

these conjoined twins share each other's senses

The girls have an incredibly interesting documentary about their life growing up together. “Inseparable: Ten Years Joined At The Head” follows the girls as they celebrate their 10th birthday. 

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