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Fascinating Abandoned Places Taken Over By Nature

Fascinating Abandoned Places Taken Over By Nature March 14, 2018

cool abandoned places

    Cool Abandoned Places

    There’s always something interesting about the ruins of past civilizations. The history of those who came before and all that. But you can even find creepy awesome places that have been empty for only 10 or 20 years. Mother Nature works fast when it comes time for her to reclaim her territory. Even with all our human progress, sometimes you just can’t get in her way. So let’s go full Indiana Jones on this and look at some cool abandoned places that nature took back. Check out how many haunted houses, ancient ruins, and radioactive roller coasters we found.

    Craco, Italy

    fascinating abandoned places
    IMAGE BY: Business Insider

    This picturesque Italian town was abandoned after being plagued by natural disasters like landfills and floods. Sometimes when nature is telling you to move, the best thing to do is listen! Anyway, the buildings remain standing, and the only inhabitants are the movie crews that use it for movie shoots.