Cops Burn Huge Mountain of Weed, Get Entire Neighborhood Baked AF

Olivia Jakiel
(Photo: OBSEV / Shutterstock)

The entire neighborhood of Taupo in New Zealand received an early 4/20 gift when a bunch of genius cops decided to burn a literal heaping mountain of weed in the parking lot of a local grocery store. I mean, honestly, I couldn't ask to be in any better situation if I was grocery shopping that day. I'm assuming that sales dramatically increased and there was a sh*t ton of amazing meals that were made that day, and I am infinitely jealous that this happened to people other than myself.

Some dude named Adam Green caught the whole thing on tape, and judging by his babbling narration, he was already pretty stoned when he decided to film it. 

"Man does it smell like the old ganja over there," he said. "Here comes a good cloud wafting past now. I might just stand here for a moment."


Police have since issued an apology for accidentally making this neighborhood a happier place. Taupo Area Commander Warwick Morehu said, "Unfortunately, given the conditions and the wind i understand the smoke did drift further than anticipated. I apologize on my staff's behalf to the community, and we already taken measures to change our practice and procedures going forward in the future."

Actually, this is one practice you don't have to change at all, Commander. Now can the cops in Hollywood do the same?

You can watch the full video here.



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