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Couple Finds Exhausted Animal In The Middle Of The Lake

Couple Finds Exhausted Animal In The Middle Of The Lake July 16, 2019Leave a comment

What is the least expected thing that you think could show up in the middle of the lake while you are relaxing on a boat? Well, a couple from Michigan found an opossum. Yes you read that right, an opossum somehow made its way towards the middle of the lake and it needed help. Fortunately, the people who found him didn't give up on him.

20. Meet Char

The woman in this picture Char and she is a professional chef. Char is going to be the star of our story because she is the one who finds and rescues the opossum in the middle of Lake Michigan.

19. Relaxing Weekends

When Char is not cooking delicious meals and appearing on TV shows, she and her husband love to go out on Lake Michigan with the boat and leave the noise of the crowded city behind.

18. Lake Michigan

As previously mentioned, Char and her husband live next to Lake Michigan. This is a huge lake and you never know what you might find while riding on the waters. This is why Char and her husband are always prepared for anything.

17. Fun Family Time

Char says that her favorite weekends are when she manages to get the entire family on the boat and they take a ride on the lake. At that moment, she doesn't need anything else other than a cool drink and a hat to keep her shade from the hot sun.

16. Cleaning The Waters

We should mention that Char and her family don't just ride the waters of Lake Michigan with the boat, they also gather all trash that they find floating in the middle of the lake. Aren't they amazing?

15. Something Strange

During a normal weekend, Char's husband spotted something strange floating in the water. This wasn't any regular thrash because the "thing" was moving. At that moment, he knew that he had to do something about it.

14. It's An Opposum!

To Char and her husband's surprise, the floating thing was an opossum. How did this little animal find its way in the middle of the lake? Something strange was definitely going on.

13. The Life Vest

Char knew that opossums are not great swimmers and that this little fella must be tired so she threw a life vest to overboard. The surprising thing is that the opossum climbed the life vest as soon as possible.

12. Getting Closer

As some of you might know, opossums are not too friendly with people. They get scared and if they don't try to scratch, they will certainly run away. This is why Char's husband needed to slowly get closer to the tired animal.

11. Too Tired!

The opossum was so tired from swimming all the way towards the middle of the lake that he didn't even try to run away from Char's husband. The man was able to simply pick the little animal up and take him to safety.

10. He Can Finally Rest

From the looks of it, the opossum has been out on the water for at least a couple of hours. He was super tired and once it reached safety, he laid back and started catching his breath.

9. The Opposum Falls Asleep

The little animal was so exhausted that he fell asleep in less than 30 seconds. Can you believe that? And to think that Char was fearing that the opossum might try to run away.

8. To The Shore

Now that the opossum was safe, Char and her husband needed to drive their boat towards the shore before the little animal could wake up and cause trouble.

7. Life Savers

Char and her husband are life savers and there is no doubt about that. The opossum would've suffered a grim faith if Char didn't help him out.

6. He Is Awake

The opossum woke up from the noise caused by the boat's engine but he didn't try to run away. He simply stood still and waited for the boat to get closer to the shore.

5. Fast Boat

Luckily, the boat is quite fast and Char's husband got to the shore in only a couple of minutes. The little animal was finally ready to get back to his family.

4. The Opossum Is Thankful

The opossum didn't just run away as soon as he landed on shore, he stayed around for one minute and looked at Char. This was his way of saying "thanks for saving me guys".

3. Going Home

Let's hope that the little fella managed to find his way back home where his family is surely waiting worried for him.

2. Good People

We have to give praise to Char and her husband for deciding to save the helpless opossum. They could've just driven past by him, but they didn't.

1. Valuable Lesson


We think it's safe to say that the opossum learned a valuable lesson that day. He is never going to go swimming that far ever again.