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Creepy Vintage Photos of Disneyland Mascots

Creepy Vintage Photos of Disneyland Mascots September 23, 2019Leave a comment

    When Disneyland opened in 1955, it wasn’t the standard of character mascot excellence as it is today. Ill-fitting outfits and ghoulish facial features are just a few of the things that will make your skin crawl looking at these characters. In the early 60s’ general admission for adults was just $1.60 and looking at some of these costumes, guests certainly got their money’s worth.

    Mickey and Minnie Mouse (1955)

    Daveland Web

    When Disneyland originally opened in 1955, the costumes for Disney’s iconic characters were minimal to say the least. To say a bit more, they were absolutely terrifying. On opening day most of the costumes looked relatively normal, but as they started to wear and tear with every day use, the holes that kept the costumes ventilated looked more like wounds.