Only Curly Haired People Can Understand These Everyday Problems

Only Curly Haired People Can Understand These Everyday Problems July 24, 2017

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Curly hair is a problem only those of us who have it can truly understand what it's like. "Oh, I wish I had beautiful curls like yours!" It seems like straight-haired people say that all the time. But they have no clue about the problems we curly-haired people go through every day to maintain these gorgeous curls. It's like, yeah, we know our hair is gorgeous. And we know you can't stop staring at our long, flowing curls cascading like waterfalls. We'd envy this look to if we didn't have it. But curly hair problems are an everyday fact of life for us, and you have no idea what it takes. So check your straight-hair privilege, people. Because our struggle is so, so real.

Blow Drying Really Blows

curly hair blow dry
IMAGE BY: Lofty Salon

If you don't have a diffuser, you didn't come to play.

Showers? Who Needs 'Em?

curly hair shower
IMAGE BY: Pinterest
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When asked the last time you washed you hair, you plead the fifth.

How The Other Half Lives

curly hair straightening

Sometimes it's fun to shoot straight for a bit. If only you didn't have to apply a scorching hot wand to your body to do it.

Go For It!

curly hair style
IMAGE BY: TagInstant

Sometimes adding some pizazz to your normal style is awesome.

Forego It!

curly hair fail
IMAGE BY: Pinterest
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Sometimes you take a big swing and then politely ask your friends to untag you in all the pics.


curly hair wet
IMAGE BY: Naturally Curly

Sometimes wetness is an unexpected friend.

H2-Oh No!

curly hair wet fail
IMAGE BY: Curly Hair Guys

Sometimes wetness is your greatest enemy.

Too Stressed To Be Blessed

curly hair stress
IMAGE BY: Livingly
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Your curly hair and your, uh, curly emotions are BFFs, for better or worse.

Hats Are Tough

curly hair hat
IMAGE BY: Pinterest

But when they work, oh, do they look good.

Helmets Are Tougher

curly hair helmet

Curly-haired athletes know how hard it is to keep that mane covered.

The Worst Part Of Waking Up

curly hair bedhead
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Sorry, is bedhead is supposed to be sexy?

A Brush With Disaster

curly hair brush
IMAGE BY: Pinterest

By the time you're done, you'll be in a comb-a, asking for the doctor to pull the hair plug.

Home Sweet Hair

curly hair stuff
IMAGE BY: Naturally Curly

You will find lots of random stuff living in your hair. And they will not pay rent.

The Bad Touch

curly hair touch
IMAGE BY: AfroBella
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No. Just no. Hands to yourself, please.

Beauty Products Don't Work

curly hair products
IMAGE BY: Reddit.

Nice hair creams do not lead to nice hair dreams.

But You Spend A Ton On Them Anyway

curly hair time
IMAGE BY: Total Sorority Move

And you still look like "The Princess Diaries" Anne Hathaway, not Catwoman Anne Hathaway.

DIY Beauty Is DOA

curly hair beauty
IMAGE BY: Pinterest
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Found a fun beauty tutorial? Don't get your hopes up. Those example pics are highly exaggerated.

Pins And Needles

curly hair pins
IMAGE BY: Pinterest

If you put in a hairpin on Monday, you might find it again on Saturday. After mounting a full-on rescue mission, of course.

It Ain't The Heat

curly hair thick
IMAGE BY: Funny Dictionary

The thicker the air, the thicker the hair. Talk about a fro pas.

You Wouldn't Change It For Anything

curly hair acceptance
IMAGE BY: Voice of Hair
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At the end of the day, you know your curls are beautiful. Let them out!