Dating App Matches You Based On Whether Your Heart Skips A Beat

Logan Rapp
(Photo: OBSEV)

Dating app Once, which launched late last year in France and is available for iOS and Android, is a modern-day matchmaking service providing users with one person's profile per day, which they can accept or decline within twenty-four hours. Now, they've added a new feature that's sure to get hearts fluttering. 

That's right, there's going to be a lot of heart/love puns in here, because I hate myself. 

The company released a video giving details on its latest feature: connecting to your Fitbit or Android Wear device to measure your heartbeat as you look at the profile matchmakers have set you up with. This is a far cry from Tinder or other dating apps.

If your heart races, then the app collects that data and suggests people of similar physical or social attributes "because your heart can not lie." Ugh, the sentiment on this is so thick I could just vomit. 



It's a perfect mixture of good old-fashioned love at first sight with the wildly invasive data mining that we've come to expect from modern developers. Obviously, modern science tells us what we already know—that seeing someone who pleases you makes you react physiologically. 

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