This Woman Wants A Breast Reduction And Is Getting Death Threats Because Of It


Many women with incredibly large breasts often think they are an annoying hindrance. Some opt for breast reduction surgery. But there can be unforeseen consequences to even wanting the surgery. For example, this woman is getting death threats because she wants a breast reduction.

Jasmin-Alexandra Vlassi has size 32K breasts. And she believes her life would be significantly better if they were just a bit smaller. So Vlassi opened a GoFundMe page to help her pay for the expensive procedure. 

But Vlassi didn’t expect the amount of vicious hatred she subsequently received for even wanting to make changes to her own body.

“I’ve had death threats and all sorts,” Vlassi said. “I burst out crying the other day because I missed my bus stop from stressing out, so I ended up somewhere I didn’t know and took a panic attack outside a shop.”

She added, “I was so lucky there was a nice woman there who called me a taxi to get home and let me stay in the shop. I was just that scared to be alone.”

Despite all the negativity hurled at her, Vlassi has remained positive. She still believes this is the best decision for her health and well-being.

“I’ve had so much help from people and it’s been beautiful to see that people care and want to give, as they didn’t need to at all, so it means the world,” Vlassi said.

Vlassi plans to go through with the surgery despite what the haters say and want. Good for her. You do you, girl.