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DIY Life Hacks for the Most Extreme Winter Weather

DIY Life Hacks for the Most Extreme Winter Weather December 29, 2020Leave a comment

Holiday movies can fool us into thinking that freezing temperatures and snow can turn any town into a winter wonderland. But chilly weather can also make even the simplest tasks much more complicated, essentially turning our lives into a living nightmare!

These DIY hacks will help you slide on by in winter with a little less hassle. By using tools and objects that you probably already have around the house, you'll be able to clean the snow off your car and heat your home with ease.

Use Tin Foil to Clean the Fireplace

YouTube/Fireplace 10 hours

Cut out two sheets of tin foil and place them on the bottom of the fireplace before lighting the fire. This will allow all the ashes to collect on the tin foil sheets. When the fire burns itself out, simply bunch up the tin foil after it has cooled into a ball and toss it.

Use Newspaper to Dry Wet Shoes


Not all shoes were designed to brave the winter weather conditions. Just ask anyone who has ever walked in snow or stepped in a puddle of dirty snow slush. If this happens to you and your shoes get wet, simply stick a bunch of newspaper inside the shoes when you get home. This will absorb the moisture and help your shoes get dry a lot quicker.

Use a Razor to Get Rid of Sweater Fibers

Affordably Fabulous

The last thing anyone wants to do is wear a sweater that’s full of sweater pills. So, if your favorite sweater has a bunch of fiber that are clumped into little balls, pass a razor over it to get rid of those pills.

Thaw a Frozen Lock With a Lighter


In winter weather where snow covered cars are the norm, it can be difficult to get the key into the car door when the lock is frozen solid with ice. To solve this issue, use a lighter to defrost the lock. The results will be fairly quick.

Spray Cooking Oil on the Shovel


Cooking oil in a spray can is such a lifesaver in the kitchen. But it turns out that it can be a real lifesaver when shoveling snow, too. Simply spray some cooking oil on the shovel before using it. This will prevent snow from getting stuck to the shovel.

Keep Your Gas Tank Full


It might sound simple but it’s useful in the winter to keep the gas tank full as this ensures that any residual water in the tank doesn’t freeze. If a full tank of gas isn’t possible, then make sure the tank stays at least half full.

Make Tire Traction Out of Cat Litter

YouTube/River City Ford Sales Ltd

Need some tire traction? Add some cat litter to the base of the car’s tires. This will create extra pressure between the tire treads and the ground thereby producing the necessary traction to drive through even the most challenging snow-covered terrain.

Use Bubble Wrap to Insulate Windows


Looking for a quick way to insulate your windows during winter? Start by spraying the windows with water. Then place the bubble side of a sheet of bubble wrap onto the glass. This will allow the material to stick and keep heat from escaping through the window.

Make Your Fan Spin Clockwise to Warm Up the House

YouTube/The Home Depot

There’s a button in most ceiling fans that allow homeowners to make the fan spin clockwise. This helps to push the warm air that has risen to the ceiling down, allowing the whole room to get warmer. Just make sure the fan is on a low setting.

Moisturize Then Put Your Gloves On


Cold weather causes skin to dry up. But this hack will ensure that the skin on your hands stay nice and moisturized. Here’s what you do: Simply apply moisturizer to your hands before slipping on those gloves and voila! Dry hands will be a thing of the past.

Let the Sun Shine Through Windows


Most people tend to close their curtains in the winter, but we recommend doing the opposite. If the region you’re in has sunshine during the winter, then open up the curtains and allow the natural heart to warm up the house. When the sun goes down, close the curtains to keep the heat in.

Use Screws on Shoes to Avoid Slipping

YouTube/Chase the Summit

Add screws to the soles of your shoes. This will prevent you from slipping and sliding out on the driveway first thing in the morning and making a fool out of yourself in front of the neighbors or breaking a hip.

Use Sandwich Bags on the Car Mirrors

YouTube/Household Hacker

Grab a sandwich bag and place one on each sideview mirror of the car. This ensures that the mirrors won’t end up covered in frost during the winter. Making life a little easier before heading to work in the morning. Just make sure to take the bag off before driving off.

Heat Your Shoes Up With a Sweater

YouTube/Glam, Inc.

Create an insole using an old felt sweater. Simply cut it to match the size of your shoe and stick it inside. This will keep your feet warm the next time you brave the freezing winter temperatures.

Park the Car Facing East

YouTube/Subaru Australia

Why waste time every morning scraping off the frost from the windshield when you can simply park the car facing east? This allows the morning sun to thaw out the ice from the windshield and mirrors before you drive off to work.

Leave the Fridge Outside in the Winter


It sounds nuts, but leaving the refrigerator out in the garage during the winter weather will ensure that whatever’s inside stays nice and fresh without having to use electricity to keep the appliance running all the time.

Use Soy Sauce to De-ice Your Sidewalk

YouTube/CCX Media

Some people use shovels to sprinkle salt to de-ice their sidewalk and garages. But most people don’t realize that soy sauce works just fine at preventing an awful slip and fall situation either for you, your family or a passerby.

Use Tin Foil to Keep the House Warm

YouTube/Building Supply Stop

The warmth from a heater will bleed out into the walls of a house no matter how high the setting. So, to keep the house warm, add tinfoil to the wall. This will reflect the warmth back into the interior space.

Place a Sprinkle Under the Car

YouTube/mac davis

If the weather is so cold that your spit freezes, then don’t try this hack. But on those days where it’s not quite so chilly, place a sprinkler under your vehicle and let the water run for 30 minutes. This will clear out any debris or ice that’s trapped underneath.

Turn Your Oven Into a Heater


The next time you use your oven in the winter to make a batch of cookies or pot roast, don’t close the oven door. Leave it open so that the heat can disperse throughout the house, making it toasty warm.

Keep Your Pet’s Paws From Cracking With Vaseline

YouTube/Eddie Entlebucher

The winter doesn’t just damage human skin, it also affects our pets, particularly their paws which can peel and crack. To ensure this doesn’t happen, add a little Vaseline on their paws before taking them out for a walk or allowing them to play outside.

DIY Windshield Washer Fluid

YouTube/The Weather Network

Add 8 ounces of Vodka into a gallon receptable or pot filled with warm water. Then add an ounce of liquid soap and mix. This solution will create the ultimate windshield washer fluid to get rid of all that dirt and gunk that has accumulated.

Scrape Windshield Ice Off With a Spatula

YouTube/Seth Cotton

When the temperature drops, it can cause ice to form on the windshield. If you encounter this issue right when you’re about to go to work, grab a spatula from the kitchen and scrape off the ice.

Protect Pipes With Newspaper


Pipes tend to freeze when the weather gets frightfully chilly, but protecting them is easy. Simply wrap them up with newspaper. This ensures that the moisture won’t collect on the pipes and freeze them, allowing water around the house to continue to flow smoothly.

Vacuum Seal Out-of-Season Clothing

YouTube/Archana Mitra

Sweaters, coats and long-sleeve shirts are all the rage in the winter, which means that summer clothes end up collecting dust in the darkest recesses of the closet. To prevent them from getting all dusty, stick them in a bag and vacuum seal them until spring.

Store K-Cups In Egg Cartons


K-Cups are basically tiny little plastic cartridges of coffee and, in some cases, hot chocolate. As convenient as they seem, they can accumulate fast and create counter clutter. But organizing them is easy. Just stick the K-Cups into empty egg carton compartments and voila! The clutter is gone.

Add a Pegboard Organizer to Drawers


This one’s an easy solution to ease kitchen clutter. Simply add a pegboard organizer to any drawer, especially the ones that are deep. This allows one to organize glass or metal pans into each groove and get them out of sight and out of mind until needed.

Buy a Freestanding Closet

Anna Malmberg

For those of us who have closets that are packed full of clothes, shoes and accessories, a freestanding closet in the bedroom is an easily solution to hanging work clothes and jackets. That way, they don’t wind up on the side of the bed or hanging over a door.

Use Tension Rods to Keep Flat Items in Line


Add tension rods vertically on bottom countertop shelves. This will provide plenty of space to add those extra cutting boards, molds and bake pans that are always getting in the way. This same concept can be applied to overhead shelves to store plates, too.

Organize Cleaning Supplies in the Closet

Sara Tramp

Don’t just throw cleaning supplies in a closet. Organize them by adding a caddy on the closet floor and a wall mount rack that can hold items like mops and brooms. The caddy can be used to hold cleaning sprays and rags.

Place Veggies Inside Countertop Drawers


Got empty countertop drawers? Use them to hold all those veggies that are constantly taking up space in the fridge’s crisper or countertop. Add two baskets inside to separate onions from potatoes and whatnot.

Add Racks and Holders to Display Magazines

David A. Land

Add a couple of racks or holders to a wall in the living room. This will make the perfect home for all those magazines and books the family loves to read but they wind up putting down in all the wrong places like on the floor, coffee table or couch.

Repurpose Magazine Holders


Those plastic magazine holders no one’s using can be repurposed to hold aluminum foil, wax paper and even Ziploc bags. They can even be used to hold various cutting boards or those cookbooks that have been lying around taking up space.

Add Wall Mounts for Bikes

Pinterest / Regan Baker Design

For anyone living in a shoebox apartment, owning a bike can turn a space into a nightmare. But it doesn’t have to be. There’s a way to make things less cramped by adding a wall mount capable of holding a bike. Essentially, the bike instantly becomes wall décor.

Tack Plastic Bags to the Pantry Wall


Dining tables and kitchen counters are no place for plastic bags and Ziploc boxes. So instead, lift the flap of the boxes up and tack them to the pantry wall or the pantry door. That way, the plastic bags will be out of sight but easily accessible when needed.

Hang Pots and Pans on a Towel Bar

Pinterest / Devol Kitchens

Add a towel bar on top of the kitchen counter or above an island table and install hooks to hang those annoying pots and pans on. This will declutter the cabinets under the sink and make these necessary items more accessible when cooking.

Use Bike Hooks to Hang Garden Tools

Pinterest / House Beautiful

Add bike hooks to any garage wall to hang all sorts of garden tools on the wall like shovels, rakes, and even brooms and pails. Want even more space? The bike hooks can be used to hang a coiled water hose, too.

Keep Hair Ties Organized With a Carabiner


Hair ties seem to have a life of their own and tend to fall behind desk drawers, inside closets or the medicine cabinet in the bathroom. To avoid this, use a carabiner to hold all those loose hair ties in one place.

Label Electric Cords With Plastic Bread Tags


Don’t throw those plastic bread tags away. Use them to label the power cords connected to the power strip with the name of the device they belong to. This will make it easier to identify which cable belongs to what the next time anyone needs to unplug something.

Buy Drawer Organizers

Pinterest / Sara Tramp

Get some drawer organizers from an office supply store or order some online. Then add to any drawer and designate a space for all items like paper clips, thumb tacks, scissors, and pens and pencils. Now your junk drawer is junky no more!

Turn a Spice Rack into a Perfume Rack


For those of us who are obsessed with perfume but don’t have enough counter space, try turning a spice rack into a perfume rack. Not only will this provide multiple tiers to place more bottles vertically, but it allows one to show off their collection of fancy perfumes.

Stick Sandals and Flip Flops Inside a Letter Organizer


Letter organizers have three or four slots with just enough space to slide a pair of flip flops and sandals in each slot. Buy more than one letter organizer for those of you who have a collection of open-toed flat shoes.

Store Shoes in Plastic Soda Bottles


Into recycling? Then grab those old plastic soda bottles and cut them in half. Then use the bottle half to store shoes vertically. They fit, and more importantly, they will make decluttering the closet absolutely shoe-tastic!

Organize Closets With Towel Bars and Shower Curtain Rings


Install two or three towel bars on the inside of a closet door and add a couple of shower curtain rings to them. The rings can be used to hold scarves, socks and underwear so that the closet will look and feel less cluttered.

Place Shelves Above Doors

Fantastic Frank

Floating shelves are a real organizational lifesaver when there’s no more room in the house. Simply place the shelves above the door and use them to store extra books or add some decorative baskets to store extra things that are rarely used like old magazines or out-of-season footwear like snow boots during the summer.

Use Chalkboard to Label Stuff


Chalkboard and chalkboard paint are excellent ways to label all those bottles in the spice rack. This will make it easier to look for the pepper, paprika or cinnamon without having to take all the bottles out and opening them to see what they are.

Place Makeup Brushes in a Toothbrush Holder


Those of us who wear makeup would be lost without our makeup brushes. But most people have more than one, each with a specific function. So, try using a toothbrush holder to place each brush in the holes. This ensures that the brushes won’t brush up (no pun intended) against each other and damage the bristles.

Add a Rotating Tray to the Fridge


Tired of struggling to find the butter or ketchup? Use a rotating tray to place all of those bottles of hot sauce, mayo, mustard and salad dressing in one place. Next time anyone needs to look for something, all they’ll have to do is rotate the tray until they find what they need.

Add Rolling Crates Under the Bed

Martin Wichardt via Fantastic Frank

Rolling crates and plastic organizers slide easily under the bed and can be used to store items like extra blankets, comforters or even seasonal clothes. Also, books, board games and shoes can be stored here, too.

Turn a Paper Towel Rack Into a Cookie Cutter Holder


Have an extra paper towel rack lying around? Turn it into a cookie-cutter holder. It’s easy. Just slide each cookie cutter down the long pole, and the nightmare of drawers full of disorganized cookie cutters will end.