Doctors Told This Woman She Had Eye Herpes, But The Truth Was Something Much More Hilarious

Joe Welkie
doctors told this woman she had eye herpes
(Photo: doctors told this woman she had eye herpes)

You’ve certainly heard of medical professionals misdiagnosing patients. It’s rare, but when it happens, it can be potentially fatal. However, sometimes it’s simply hilarious and refreshing. Like when these doctors told this woman she had eye herpes, but it turned out to be something much more mundane and easy to fix.

So what could cause a 49-year-old woman to have such unnerving eye pain, with symptoms nearly identical to ocular herpes?

doctors told this woman she had ocular herpes

That’s right. It was a little bit of glitter that the woman (who refused to be named) had gotten into her eye that was causing all the problems.

When she first arrived at the Singleton Hospital’s ophthalmology department complaining about her swollen eye, doctors immediately suspected herpes of the eye.

doctors told this woman she had ocular herpes

She had all the symptoms of a person suffering from ocular herpes. Swollen, reddened eyes, vision loss, and even a lesion on the cornea. 

After closer inspection, the doctors noticed something was actually on her eye. It turned out to be a little tiny piece of glitter that had attached itself to her eye after opening a Christmas card that had contained the substance.

doctors told this woman she had ocular herpes

Surely, the patient breathed a giant sigh of relief. A tiny piece of glitter is surely easier to remove than the incurable herpes simplex virus. 

But this raises an even more important issue. Why the hell are we still using glitter anyway?

doctors told this woman she had ocular herpes

I don’t think I know anyone who enjoys glitter, and when it gets stuck on your clothes or in your apartment, it’s impossible to get rid of. Stop using glitter, everyone. It’s a nuisance. And can mimic the symptoms of ocular herpes.

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