Here Is Adorable Footage of a Dog Riding a Miniature Horse

Paul Ciampanelli
dog riding a miniature horse
(Photo: Instagram/dally_and_spanky)

Meet Dally. She’s a 9-year-old Jack Russell terrier and a very good girl. Dally lives with her owner, Francesca Carson, on a 100-acre ranch in Spokane, Washington. 

But Dally and Francesca aren’t alone. They also share the ranch with Spanky, who is a 10-year-old miniature horse and Dally’s best friend.

Carson rescued Dally when she was 2. And although she was aggressive at first, the dog quickly grew a bond with Spanky the miniature horse. Recognizing their connection from the start, Carson brought the interspecies friends together to form a stunt team, gradually teaching Dally to mount, ride and perform tricks with Spanky.

“Dally has a real interest in riding him, and a want and a need,” Carson said. “So it wasn’t that difficult to train her because she already wanted to do it.”

Carson added that, although having a dog jumping on his back surprised Spanky at first, he soon got used to Dally riding him.

“When she’s not on his back, he’s very different,” Carson said about Spanky. “He runs much faster. He turns more quickly. And then when she’s on his back, it’s evident that he knows she’s there, and he’s very, very careful.”

Carson claims that Dally is the only dog in the world that can ride a horse bareback. Whether that’s true or not, the pair are definitely the world’s most popular dog-and-mini-horse team. They’ve got more than 10,000 followers on Instagram.

So have you ever seen a dog riding a miniature horse before? Now you can. Check out the video of Dally riding Spanky.