How Was This Dog Stuck In A Tree For Nearly 60 Years Without Rotting?


(Photo: this dog was stuck in a tree for nearly 60 years without rotting)

When loggers chopped down a tree in Georgia, they never would have expected to find what they found. When logging a chestnut oak tree, they found a truly horrifying, tragic, and amazing mummy within its confines. This dog was stuck in a tree for nearly 60 years without rotting.

Bertha Sue Dixon, who runs the Southern Forest World Museum, said the dog must have climbed up into the tree around 1960. “He’s a hunting dog, so we assumed that he was chasing something in the tree.”

But the tree became narrower and narrower, which led to the dog, now known as “Stuckie” to become trapped inside.

What’s crazy is the very small amount in which Stuckie has deteriorated. You can still see its skin and the general shape, as opposed to just a bunch of bones. How is this even possible?

Well, Stuckie got trapped in a chestnut oak tree, which contains tannin, a natural “desiccant” which is used to tan animal pelts and prevent decay.

The low-moisture environment stopped the microbial activity, and no microbial activity means no decay.

This isn’t the first time something similar has happened. Several animals have been caught in these conditions and were not decayed. For example, some builders in England would put a cat in the walls of a house to ward off witches, and the wall’s plaster would preserve the cat so it wouldn’t smell.

It’s certainly eerie to see and an oddly tragic thing to look at if you imagine the backstory, but interesting nonetheless.