Donald Trump is Going to Have a Meltdown Over His New TIME Magazine Cover


(Photo: Getty)

It hasn't been the first time that Donald Trump has been on the cover of TIME Magazine, and typically, he's thrilled to see his face grace the cover. It basically means people can see him on every newsstand, and we know that the Orange Man's fuel tank needs to be filled with attention basically every hour on the hour. This cover, however, is not going to be terribly flattering

The image is of an artist's rendition of Trump's familiar basic facial features as it melts, with the simple one-word "Meltdown" headline next to it. Which all but gives us the basics of what's going on with Donald Trump — that he's erratic, starting fights with Gold Star families, and his poll numbers (which he always loved to tell people about when he was winning) are dropping hard


The cover story also opens with Reince Priebus, who, after weeks of calling Trump almost every day to effectively teach the nominee how to be a presidential candidate and to keep him from going too far off the grid, has had enough after Trump refused to endorse Speaker of the House Paul Ryan in his reelection bid. Priebus threatened to "redirect party resources and machinery to House and Senate races." 

Of course, Trump says that "He never said that," because denying reality is something that Donald Trump will do every time it's shown that something bad is happening to him. Meanwhile, the first polls out of South Carolina show Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in a statistical tie, which would be unheard of as it hasn't voted Democratic since 1976 when the state went for Jimmy Carter. If he should be having a meltdown about anything, it's about changing the electoral map into a very favorable Democratic firewall. 

Also, Trump's running behind in Georgia, who last voted for a Democrat in 1992 (Bill Clinton), and Arizona, who went blue only once in the last forty years (Clinton's 1996 re-election). So to say that Trump is tanking hard would be an understatement.