Donald Trump Thinks He Has A ‘Good Temperament’

Logan Rapp
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After a number of incidents that have brought into question not only his fitness for office, but his very sanity, Republican nominee for President of These United States Donald Trump has responded to critics both within and without his party and refuses to change his strategy despite his poll numbers getting worse by the day. 

"I've always had a good temperament and it's gotten me here," Trump said. This of course comes from the man who decided that starting a verbal fight with the family of a fallen soldier was a good idea, as well as refusing to endorse House Speaker Paul Ryan and US Senators John McCain and Kelly Ayotte — before he changed his mind and lent his support to all three. 

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A wave of public polls now have Trump losing to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton by double digits, but Trump is certain that continuing "just doing what I'm doing" will lift him to the White House. The Orange Man claims that his internal polling shows a much better electoral map than what literally every other liberal or conservative polling organization sees. 

Of course, internal polling can be a foolish thing to rely on. In 2012 Mitt Romney's internal polls suggested that Republicans were going to have a big day. And then when November 6th came around, Barack Obama was re-elected POTUS and Romney was taken completely by surprise, as was diabolical Republican strategist Karl Rove, seen below. As it turns out, when internal polling clashes with public polling, the latter is always closer to the truth. 

Meanwhile, FiveThirtyEight's update map suggests that even Arizona and Georgia are winnable for Clinton.

But I'm sure Trump has a very great polling system. He has the best polling. 100% of Donald Trumps would vote for Donald Trump. Do you see that in CNN's poll? No? Sad!