Donald Trump Thinks The Media Distorted His ‘Second Amendment’ Comment


(Photo: Getty)

Donald Trump is not a fan of the “dishonest media” — it’s why he for years hosted a reality television series (The Apprentice) as well as owned a nationally broadcast beauty pageant (Miss USA). It’s all to keep them honest. And now that he’s all but directly said that gun owners should maybe consider violence against Hillary Clinton, Trump thinks that evil media is ganging up on him

Naturally, it wasn’t his prepared remarks that got him into trouble, but his off-the-cuff, unfocused asides that almost never read like they’re actually spoken by a native English speaker. But yeah, after setting an apocalyptic vision for gun owners should Clinton win the White House, that there’s “nothing you can do” if she want to take your guns, he then said, “Although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is — I don’t know. But I tell you what: that will be a horrible day.” 

Of course, Trump’s camp claims that he was talking about the gun lobby wielding its powerful influence to counteract anything Clinton does, but that’s not how it’s being interpreted by most people. “Give me a break,” he told Fox News. “There can be no other interpretation.” Of course, give the Internet five minutes and they’ll find multiple reasonable interpretations. But what would you expect from a white supremacist?

Most damning are the varied responses from Republican pundits and politicians. While Trump surrogate Rudy Giuliani says that Clinton supporters “will buy any line, any distortion, any spin that the Clintons will put out,” House Speaker Paul Ryan has strayed further from the Trump pack, muttering, “It sounds like just a joke gone bad. I hope they clear this up very quickly. You never joke about something like that.” But yeah, that evil media, out for blood against him

Someone should just give Paul Ryan a bottle of his favorite scotch and keep it coming until November.