Donald Trump Vows to Never Lie in RNC Speech, Which is A Lie

Alyssa Merwin
(Photo: Getty)

Donald Trump gave his acceptance speech at Republican National Convention on Thursday and vowed to never lie.

“Here at our convention, there will be no lies,” the nominee said.

Well it turns out that was, in fact, a lie. Trump’s speech was filled with what he calls facts but his words are just vague political rhetoric that, while not completely untrue, is essentially misleading.

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Trump said America is among the “highest taxed nations in the world” but according to a fact check done by The Huffington Post, that’s actually not true at all. The U.S. is relatively far down on the list.

Trump also said that crime has been soaring and said, “In our nation’s capital, killings have risen by 50 percent.” According to The New York Times, this is also untrue. Trump’s statistics are apparently based on an analysis done by The Washington Post which revealed there are no clear patterns in which cities saw rises in homicides.

And of course, Trump would be remiss not to mention that President Obama is to blame for a failing economy and the poor state of the American infrastructure. However, Obama has tried time and time again to make changes that would benefit the American infrastructure only to be shot down the Republicans in Congress.

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Trump’s deceptions and misleading statements are welcomed by his supporters but hopefully his blatantly false accusations won’t get him very far when voting begins. Regarding the issues of terrorism and police brutality plaguing our country, the last thing we need is to play the blame game. These situations are becoming direr every day and the popular move for a politician to make is incite political violence and bigotry which can only lead to even more hate, racism, and political polarization. Whether you’re a Republican or Democrat or anything in between, blame and condemnation will get us nowhere. 

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