This Donkey Led A Herd Of Sheep On A Daring Escape


It sounds like something out of a movie for children, but it’s totally not. A few days ago, a donkey led a herd of sheep on a brave escape through a California town. It appears the animals were looking for a taste of that sweet, sweet freedom before they were finally corralled in West Covina.

Local police officers were alerted to the escape around 12:30 a.m. last Thursday, as residents saw a huge group of animals making their way through the neighborhood.

What the cops found when they arrived on the scene was a single donkey leading the herd through the streets of the neighborhood. 

The police were quite tickled by the incident and eventually got it under control. Later, the cops found that the animals slipped through the fence of a property in the neighboring city of Valinda.

They shared the story on their Facebook page, and it has become the page’s most popular post in a very long time.

There aren’t too many donkeys I can think of who would be this ornery, but one comes to mind when you talk about great adventures and compelling characters…

I wonder if Donkey will get his own spin-off film based on this real-life incident.