This New Study Says You Should Exercise Less And Drink Booze More. YAY!


Every few years, a news publication will interview the world’s oldest person and ask them how they got to live for so long. They ask them their diet, their exercise regimen, any other secrets they can impart on us to help people live as long as possible. Well, new research regarding living the longest life possible has found some very shocking evidence that drinking more alcohol and exercising less can help you live longer.

The University of California study showed that people who lived past 90 had one thing in common generally, and that was drinking. In fact, seniors who drank a moderate amount of alcohol each day had lowered their risk of premature death more than those who exercised daily.

Chances of premature death dropped 18 percent by having two glasses of wine or beer per day. And this is significant considering more than 1,600 people were interviewed for the study.

We’ve long know the benefits of drinking wine, but I’m not sure many people would have thought that wine and beer could help you live past 90 more than daily exercise. Maybe we should all put down the weights and pick up some brewskis.

Now you can laugh at all of your in-shape friends knowing that you’re going to live long past them. Sure, they look better now, but who will be looking better when they are in the grave and you’re still kicking, partying it up with some drinks.